I love the comments that people leave on random news sites. . . .

Fla. -- SeaWorld officials said Tuesday that an employee did not fall into the dolphin nursery pool when he slipped and fell while doing paint work. In a release issued by SeaWorld, they wrote the man "had a minor slip and fall."

The employee was working on the "island" at the dolphin nursery when he slipped and fell, and a crane was used to pull him off of the island.

SeaWorld officials said the man was conscious and alert after being removed and was transported to Dr. Phillips Hospital for observation. He has since been released and SeaWorld officials said all tests were okay.

Next thing we know, we'll have the story updated to "Man almost drowns while trying to paint dolphins. The dolphins, seeing what he was intending, snuck up on him, pushed him in, and nosed butted him until he dropped the brush. The dolphins then flipped him out of the pool, where he was caught in mid-air by a giant crane that flew off with him and eventually dropped him on the roof of DPH."