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I don't know what kind of guitar this is...


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  • I don't know what kind of guitar this is...

    But this chick f-in Rocks it.


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    There was a guitar?

    I was gonna say it looked like a 1/2 size student/kids guitar. But then I noticed it appeared to have eight tuning pegs, so... an 8-string half size? Of course, the website link underneath the video says she's a ukulele player. So maybe it's an 8-stringed ukulele? Whatever it is, she totally rocks it.


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      It looks like a shrunken guitar, but suddenly I feel like listening to old Romanian country music.
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        Originally posted by Squirrel View Post
        There was a guitar?
        I had a hell of a time trying to notice any details on the guitar.
        It sounds kinda like a mandolin to me, and the eight strings suggest that's what it might be. (Four courses of two strings each.) There have been some guitar-shaped mandolins through the years, but I think the single cutaway makes it even more of a specialty instrument.

        At any rate, I don't think I've heard anything like that since I got a CD that included Dave Edmunds and Love Sculpture doing "Sabre Dance."

        Good find, M-11.
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