If your vehicle breaks down or you run out of gas on the interstate in Utah you cant leave it on the left side of the road. Just an FYI. I found out the hard way. There goes another $500 down the drain. Thanks a lot for being so F#!KING quick to tow the dang thing Utah Highway Patrol. Oh and thanks for putting a detainer on it saying that it's F#!KING stolen! I am the owner and have the title and it's never been reported stolen ever! The Tow company wont give me the vehicle back until I go to the DMV and show proof of ownership then pay a F#!KING FEE to the State to get a G*D D**M piece of paper to show the tow company that's its not stolen so I can get it back out. Why the heck would they put that detainer on there??? Sounds to me like they are a bunch of F#!KING rip off artists. I mean I knew the State was hurting for money but really??? A F#!KING FEE to show the tow company its not stolen when I have the F#!KING TITLE and its NEVER been reported stolen!!!!!!!!

Rant Over.

Stay safe out there Troopers.