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D*#n dog! Anybody in need of a slightly used, very precocious German Shepherd dog?


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  • D*#n dog! Anybody in need of a slightly used, very precocious German Shepherd dog?

    Just kidding, we're not getting rid of her. But, this is what this 90 lb little $#!t did last night: I'm loading the dishwasher, she decides to stick her head in it and lick the dishes. She's so helpful . Well, in doing this, her collar got caught on the dish rack. I see her jerking her head and say "Jasmine, stop, let me get you untangled!" Does she stop?


    She decides to jerk WAY HARDER and ends up pulling a rack full of dishes onto the floor . The dishes go everywhere and the rack is still caught in her collar. She then takes off to the other side of the kitchen trying to shake off the rack. My husband came to the rescue, wrestled her to the ground and freed the rack. She got banished to the basement and we had the fun job of cleaning up the mess. Well, at least she only broke a couple of plates.

    Anybody else have any effed up dog stories to share? I have a feeling my family will be laughing about this incident in the near future.
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    OMG that is hilarious LOL

    Be back after lol so hard to type my story.

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      Hahaha! Love the German Shepard story!!

      I have a Boston Terrorist (Terrier). He is just the coolest dog....except he, like Smurfette's NO must eat EVERYTHING. By everything, I mean we have a hallway wall that has some water damage from a pipe leak. The house was built in 1962, so there is a ton of lead paint in there too. Well, I hear a munching noise in the hall last night and see him just snacking on the plaster wall....lead paint and all. WTF?!?!
      Originally posted by Smurfette
      Lord have mercy. You're about as slick as the business side of duct tape.
      Originally posted by DAL
      You are without doubt a void surrounded by a sphincter muscle.


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        When our dog was a bit younger, she had a tendency to chew things here and there. It didn't happen often.

        Well, we always keep a bedroom pillow on the couch for her to rest against. It's "her" pillow. Sometimes we'll use it to take naps and stuff, but mostly you'll find her sleeping on it. Well one day I decided to grab the laptop and lay on the couch, so I fell back onto the pillow with my computer and coffee. A second later, I was covered in feathers, which were raining down from everywhere! She apparently chewed the top corner of the down pillow off, but no feathers had made their way out. Well me falling into the pillow made it go *poof*, and feathers were all over the place. My fiancee was cracking up, and our dog enjoyed playing in the feathers until we could clean them up.
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          We have pug who will do anything to get day last summer I was out walking him and I stopped to talk to our neighbor....while we were talking her 3 year old boy walked over to us while eating an ice cream cone...well my pug got an eyeball on the ice cream and attempted to try to jump up and knock the kid over so he could steal it..good thing I had a good hold on his leash...bold little guy to say the least..
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            I have a nice "low energy" Australian Shepherd pup.....thing is like the tasmanian devil. Let him out of his crate in the morning and he just winds up.....


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              Pretty funny Pinky....

              I can see a sequel to Trials and Tribulations of NO! NO meet Jasmine!
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