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  • Ninja.

    A one word title for a puppy I have many words for. I know many of you 'old timers' here won't believe it when I say that NO has become the model dog. He listens. He isn't tearing stuff up. He's a wonderful dog.

    Well. We moved to the country last year. The acres were fenced in using the underground system tooted as wonderful for Sibes. The two oldest dogs are fine (NO and Aspen). Ninja is normally okay....except when it rains. I let him out to go to the bathroom and he took off in the pouring rain...gone...right out the yard.

    I tried to find him.

    Got a call a little while ago. He broke into a chicken coop and murdered every last chicken in there.

    I now have to buy chicken for my neighbor lady who is crying over the loss of her pets. They said they will shoot him if he comes back on the property.

    *big sigh*

    He came home. Blood on his muzzle and fur. And is currenly laid out on the floor exhausted. I imagine so. Must take a lot of energy to annilate a complete coop.

    I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.

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      Egads! Sorry to hear. Gonna try tying one of the dead chickens around his neck for a couple of days?
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        I once had a shepherd that liked to run the wifes chickens, fixed him with a shock collar...
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          F*ck!!! Yeah.. I sympathize. Many dogs never lose that strong prey instinct. My current dog will kill the sh*t out of anything smaller than him. We live in the city, so so far it's just possums, but damn! There is nothing he loves more in life than to get a live animal between his teeth and shake the hell out of it.
          I'm glad you got your doggie back, and I'm sorry for the chicken lady.
          "No one can make you feel like a turd without your permission." - Eleanor Roosevelt.


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            Damn, that sucks, I'm sorry Smurf...


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              I prefer mine fried, but to each their own


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                Originally posted by DoesntPlayNice
                Very sad....My parent's huskies (that have since passed) killed all their chickens too. I don't blame her for feeling that way about your dog, hopefully it doesnt come down for that.

                How much do chickens cost these days? were the chickens her pets or did she actually use them for eggs and stuff?

                Oy, yes. They were her pets. Better still, no? I can't even be mad at them for warning us they will kill him. They have a right...and out here in the county, that's just the way it is.

                I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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                  I suspect fowl play.


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                    Originally posted by Smurfette_76 View Post
                    Oy, yes. They were her pets. Better still, no? I can't even be mad at them for warning us they will kill him. They have a right...and out here in the county, that's just the way it is.
                    yup, that's how it is in the country... wifey has two yorkies that roam around our yard... guy down the road has a rottweiler that likes to roam around.. my neighbor has warned that dog has killed stray cats... caught the dog in our yard once...

                    had to let him know that if it came in our yard, i'd have to shoot it because of my little dogs AND my little boy who play in the front yard frequently... flat out said to him that i'd rather deal with a ****ed off neighbor than my wife... he understood...

                    when you live in the country and you see something in your yard that doesn't belong... you shoot it.. thats how we roll

                    i have been loving this country life.. all 1 year of it!


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                      Originally posted by JasperST View Post
                      I suspect fowl play.
                      That was good Jasper!!!


                      Were you surprised??? ah hah...NINJA is probably blaming NO for teaching him the bad tricks. When it rains...does he not feel the shock collar fence line or does it malfunction. I think a long leash in the rain might work better. I would hate to have him shot by the neighbor.

                      Sorry about her chickens. Hope they aren't too expensive. In a day or two you'll forgive him.....only to be reminded of his escapade when you pick up poop that has feathers in it!
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                        From personal experience, many dogs do not give a sh*t about the shock collar. Especially for big dogs, the shock is just a mild annoyance. Our indoor dog has a bark collar. I tried it on myself once and thought it hurt pretty bad. But if he really feels like barking, he'll bark til he's hoarse.
                        "No one can make you feel like a turd without your permission." - Eleanor Roosevelt.


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                          Well they can run up to $10 a piece for nicer ones, but usually $5, depending on breed and age, oh and hens are more expensive. I know this because my dad worked on our farm up til he was about 20, we still live on the same land, and the barn is still there.


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                            We finally gave up on the electric fence. It worked for a while but we have a dog that is very prey driven. If he saw a bunny--------------he would run the fence before it had much of a chance to stop him.

                            The fence continued to work under normal circumstances, but when Monty decided to go,he was gone.

                            We got fencing and put it up around a bit over an acre of lawn and wooded area for the puppies.

                            By the way Our Catahoula was pretty much like NO------until he turned 2 yrs old then it was like a light switch turned.........and he is almost an angel. Until he sees that bunny
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                              Weren't you just saying, in the applicant thread, that one of the applicants tasted like chicken?

                              They DO say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery - Ninja's buttering you up.
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