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HBO's: The Alzheimer's Project- understanding the disorder


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  • HBO's: The Alzheimer's Project- understanding the disorder

    Saw SFG's thread about Muscle mass and Alzheimer's and reminded me of this.

    Alzheimer's is an interesting disorder. We all know someone, or at least of, someone who has had it.

    My professor showed us a clip in one of my classes from this HBO show on Alz research. It's pretty interesting. If you know someone suffering from Alzheimer's, or are just curious to learn about it, I recommend this site and show for you.

    Here's the link to the online site for the show:

    and here is a clip on some breakthroughs in understanding what causes, and some treatments for Alzheimer's. It's a little technical, but they do a good job explaining it.

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    My mother is in what is considered "end stage" Alzheimer's------it's been a rough 10 yrs. She is now bed ridden.
    My father-in-law was diagnosed last fall...................he is progressing much faster than my mother did............but he is 10 yrs older.

    This is a devastating disease......................................and probably more devastating to the well than to the sick.
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      It's an amazing burden. The research shows that almost 70% of patients are cared for at home by living relatives, and mostly women do the caring. I can't imagine having to care for someone with Alzheimer's...We cared for my Grandmother in her home, and she was just having trouble moving. That was hard enough.

      We recently put her in a nursing home, because she needed more care then we could give. The only open space at the home, was in the Alzheimer's ward, though it would be temporary, until a room opened up in another ward. We had no choice, so we put her in that area. And when we went to visit her, walking past all those suffers of Alzheimer's.... It was depressing. I can only imagion the pain it causes family members to see their loved one's in that state, unable to care for themselves, or even know who you are.

      My heart goes out to all of you.
      "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit" - Aristotle


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