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120$ a Week, Eating out.


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  • 120$ a Week, Eating out.

    Will someone please give me a list of things I should keep in my fridge for 120$ a month instead of 120$ a week.

    This **** is making poor, and I'm tired of it...........

    Ladies, what are some easy things I should learn how to cook?

    Be advised, Beef and Chicken Breasts are golden, those receipts will do better good than all others.

    SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!
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    Grilled chicken goes great on a large salad.

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      hamburger helper...i thrive on that


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        What does it make? Grilled Cheese! Pretty cheap way to live but I like it.


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          Bah thats going to be a lot of bread.
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            How long can salad live in the fridge for? If I prep a huge thing of it.
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              Buy the bags of salad from the store. One of those and some grilled steak or chicken and some garlic bread makes for a good dinner.


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                Chicken and rice is easy, get a bunch of different chicken marinades and you can have a different flavor for every day of the week. Also if you get a rice cooker you just add the rice and water then push down the button and it pops up when it's done.


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                  Originally posted by janego10 View Post
                  hamburger helper...i thrive on that
                  I will 2nd this!! Its super cheap and you can eat on it for a day or two if you double the meat from 1 to 2 lbs.

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                    Make a huge pot of stew or chili for the week. Works well for me.
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                      Originally posted by USMARINE View Post
                      Make a huge pot of stew or chili for the week. Works well for me.
                      That's what we did when I was in college....made huge pots of stew/chili/soup.....and it kept for the week.....

                      We tended to use a lot of meat to make it filling......and then usually got some lettuce, carrorts, and all that and kept a huge side salad in tupperware containers.....and were golden....


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                        Whoa who are you eating out for $120 a week .

                        Get bags of chicken breast, you can grill it and bake it.
                        Bags of Veggies, all you gotta do is boil em.
                        Boxes of minute rice/mac n cheese, boil it as well.

                        Its repetitive after a while, but it keeps you fed and is cheaper than what your paying now.
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                          Originally posted by USMARINE View Post
                          Make a huge pot of stew or chili for the week. Works well for me.

                          That works! I also have some simple recipes for chicken casseroles and stuff that's easy and not that expensive to make. If you're dingle it will last all week and you'll look forward to leftovers...


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                            Tuna and Mac!
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                              Hamburger Helper may be cheap and easy, but it's unhealthy as all get out. My GF in college ate that several times a week, and she gained more than 50 pounds.

                              Salad won't last that long, maybe a week. But good for you and healthy.

                              Canned tuna is your friend. Tuna salad sandwich, tuna casserole, tuna and crackers. Ditto canned chicken breast, which I've also cooked up with zucchini, carrots, etc as a sort of all-mix pan fry with olive oil and minced garlic.

                              Ditto the rice cooker. Rice is super cheap, and instead of cooking it with water you can use canned beef broth, add some garbonzo (sp? other word for chick peas) beans and you have a VERY filling and tasty meal.

                              Recipe.com is your friend. So's Google.


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