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I want to buy this truck! [advice please]


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  • I want to buy this truck! [advice please]

    So, I'm coming home from deployment in about two weeks (give or take a few days), and I've been casually looking on and a other various websites.

    I'm wanting to get an F-150 '06 or '07. I found just the one I want here:

    I've been in correspondence with the guy over the past couple of days. He's leaving to go on a mission's trip right at Thanksgiving for a few years (the reason he's selling) and he's got the truck priced to sell quickly (it is a good deal, if you look at it, considering the year, mileage and the overall quality that the vehicle looks to be in - he did email me more photos). -- The truck is almost 3 hours from where my parents live, whom I will be visiting shortly after I return to the states. I wouldn't want to inconvenience them and wouldn't ask them to go check it out, but I'm almost positive I want the vehicle. I just can't physically look at it. According to his ad, "All scheduled maintenance records verified and available". I don't expect the truck to be on the market for long... What can I do?
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    maybe have a buddy, or someone from go and check it out for you?

    and I don't know much about these newer trucks, but are you sure you want a V6? I've had 6 trucks, and the fullsize trucks I've had with a small V8 feel under powered, I had a 94 F150 with the straight 6 and I was not so impressed with the power of the truck....


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      Any takers . I don't have any buddies in the area. My parents recently moved to TN.

      Well, I'd love a V8 but I'm not really a rich guy and I'm soon to be a financially tight student. I haven't driven a V6 F150 before. I'm not really expecting a truck that takes off like a rocket though.
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        Have you been checking your local Craigslist ads as well? Quite often you can get some decent deals on there as long as you weed out the scammers.

        By SF in your bio I'm guessing South Florida, if so:

        I realize some are higher mileage that the one you had picked out but do yourself a favor and at least get the 4.6 V8 or 5.4 V8 if you EVER plan on towing, hauling or going uphill and passing.

        Besides those things, do a carfax (not that that's the end all everything's A OK) and get someone, anyone, to do a drive in the vehicle. You should test drive a vehicle before you get it to make sure you like it, even though I know with your situation it's not going to be easy.

        Thank you for serving in the Military.
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          +1 for the Carfax..That price and milage almost seems to good to be true in my opinion..but hey could be just a great deal also . If you have someone take it for a drive I would also ask if they would drop by a local mechanic to get it up on a lift and look at the frame etc... Good body work can hide a lot of problems...

          But once again, I am not bashing the deal you found.. Good Luck!!!


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            Originally posted by concon02
            Any takers . I don't have any buddies in the area. My parents recently moved to TN.

            Where exactly is this truck?

            It does seem like a good price, assuming no defects are hidden.
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              I bought the 05 v8 f150 with 12,000 miles for $12,000 in 2006... you may wanna look around. Def. get the v8 though


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                The ad says Prospect, TN.

                I'll concur with the others saying that a V6 in a full size truck might be underpowered. I've owned several p/u trucks in my time. A truck similiar to this with a V8 won't be that much more. Expand your search a little. Good luck.
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                  Personally, coming from a truck driver, I would never buy a 2wd truck. Look a little deeper and purchase a 4x4. The thing with alot of the newer Ford trucks is the 4X2s and 4X4 stocks most have the same rear end, the Hotchkiss non-independent live rear end with leaf springs and outboard shock absorbers. Bet advice, get a 4x4 with a medium ratio of 3.55:1. Some would say get a 4.10:1 ratio, but don't unless you plan on always being off road all the time. So basically, if you plan on only driving on the road and not off road, then a 4x2 is alright, in some circumstances. Don't get me wrong, it is a ford and can pull anything it wants to, but I would look at getting a 4x4, but that is personally me. It all depends on what you want to do with the truck, work, hauling kids, for show, etc. You can also get the same year 4x2 for cheaper than that. Just my 2 cents.
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                    If you are only going to haul groceries and school books I'd say go for it. Actually, if that is all the truck would be used for I would get a Ranger instead. I realize that things are different where I am but in California, that truck couldn't be given away. 6 cylinder, 3 speed manual, standard cab, 2 wheel drive? That's bottom of the line, literally.
                    I have nothing against Fords. My current issued take-home is very close to this one with a few important differences. It's a great truck and I love it. If it is one of those with the 7 lug rims, plan on cussing that feature at some point in the future.


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                      Originally posted by 417Lt
                      If you are only going to haul groceries and school books I'd say go for it.
                      This is actually about accurate. I don't expect to need it for much more than this (minus maybe some minor hauling here and there, but the specs on this truck would easily suffice). I used to have a Ranger and I've wanted an F150 for a long time. I'm a single guy, so I don't need a lot of cab room and I like having a truck. -- I'd love to have a bigger engine and 4x4... Hell, power windows/mirrors and a sunroof too, but I don't have money to throw around.

                      I might check out carfax.

                      SlowDownThere - The truck is located in Prospect, TN and the zipcode is on the autotrader site. The city is almost directly on the TN/AL border.

                      Thank you so much for the responses so far everyone.


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                        Stick with the offer. If there are no weather issues in your area (snow, ice, etc) than that's a great truck. Will take less gas than an 8 banger. My .02


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                          Car checks out on

                          It doesn't have anything in the system since the odometer was at about 9k miles though, and it's currently at 18.5k. The guy really doesn't give me any fishy vibes though.

                          Would it be possible to buy online? I wrote him an email and asked him if he'd be willing to hold the vehicle if I promise to purchase. I also told him, I'd be willing to pay a little bit over the listed price.


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                            I'm sure you can buy it online, but it's something I would never do, unless it was through ebay and paypal or something like that, way to risky.


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                              Don't buy online offer him a few hundred bucks deposit to hold it for you but the best advice is to ask someone you trust to go and check it out first.
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