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Knives for my groomsmen (or other suggestions...)


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  • Knives for my groomsmen (or other suggestions...)

    I'm having a small wedding with 2 groomsmen, and I want to get each of them something different than the usual boring engraved flask. I'm thinking a nice, quality, and practical knife for each of them would be a cool gift.

    One of them is a cop, so something "tactical" would be alright for him, but the other is a bit of a sheltered office drone (my fiancee's cousin, don't know him that well), so for him it would definitely need to be something rather practical and non-threatening. I'd like to keep the price under $200 for each knife.

    So keeping all that in mind, any suggestions that would be good for both of them? I would also be okay with getting each of them a different type of knife, so long as they are priced similarly.

    As stated in the title, I would be okay with non-knife ideas too, I just don't want to do the same boring flask thing everyone else does.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Tacticool knife. Well a K-Bar TDI is nice but way under the price range. A Benchmade/ H&K Nitrous blitz is a nice knife as well.
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      How about some 1 ounce silver ingots? They have all kinds of designs from guns to cars to animals. They also hold their value over the years. You might cause them to start a collection. You can also get various weights. Here are some examples:

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        Hi toasterlocker,

        Congratulations and may God bless you and your wife with a rich and rewarding marriage.

        For knife gifts: perhaps a Swiss Army or Gerber or Leatherman multitool for the home/office guy, and for the tac guy a Benchmade Auto Tactical 9000 AFO with bead-blasted finish on the plain drop-point blade and a black matte anodized handle. It's a little hard to find the latter these days. The newer versions have safeties and even some of the older ones without the Bali-Song logo have half-serrated edges. You may still be able to get the nice plain and simple 9000 if you look around on the net a bit.

        On the site where I found this image they're asking $300 for it, but it should be less than $200. The original MSRP is less than that.




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          I got my groomsmen revolvers.

          I got the kits for the old black powder navy revolvers for around $220 at Dicks and spent about a month putting them together. I took parts in and had them engraved for about another $20.

          Benchmade has some pretty knives.

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            This is the Knife Runs about 100 bucks

            The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.


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              I personally like the M&P Models from Smith & Wesson. This knife features a black aluminum handle with rubber inserts and a stainless steel Teflon Coated black half serrated blade. Also features the side safety M.A.G.I.C. assisted opening system, liner lock, window punch, thumb stud for easy one hand opening and a pocket clip.

              It is $60.00

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                I got an engraved Maglight from my buddy at his wedding. Still use it around the house. Knives are cool and all but the flashlight can be used by all. Maybe a set with the light and knife.
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                  Since there are only two of them the individualized gifts is a great idea and not too much of a problem. How about the knife for the cop and a nice watch for the office guy? Check Herringtons for a variety of nice wristwatches.

                  Congrats on the pending nuptuals...
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                    I knew a guy that gave nice Leatherman multi-tools to his groomsmen.
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