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BluRay player or PS3?


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  • BluRay player or PS3?

    Alright, JTShooter has decided to treat himself to something nice (for a change) and is going to purchase a new LCD tv. I've also decided I wanted to embrace the full potential of the HD phenomenon and purchase a bluray player.

    In my research I've found that most decent brand bluray players are around $170 which is only about $130 less then the Playstation 3. For that extra $130 I'd have the ability to download movies/tv shows and play games.

    My issue is that I don't really play video games all that much and there aren't any PS3 exclusives that would warrant me "wanting" to get it...

    SO my question is this, if you were in my shoes and were thinking about getting a bluray player, would you just go with he standard player or throw out the extra cash for the PS3?

    (on a side note, I have a xbox360 I barely play)
    Bluray Player
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    I voted for the PS3. I've got one, and although I don't play games that much, the ones that I have played on there look awesome on HDTV. Plus I've got a daughter that loves the Ratchet and Clank series.

    Mine is an older model that they quit producing. Extremely fast processors and my hard drive is 80gb. I can play/rip CD's, download full movies and trailers from the Playstation Store, and get new games/add-ons from the Store. Plus it'll play Blu-Ray plus regular DVD's. In essence, it's an all in one entertainment system.

    The other big plus is the remotes are Bluetooth, not IR controllers and they're rechargeable by plugging the USB cable into the PS3 or any other computer.
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      PS3. If you want to play games later, you can, if you want to watch blu-ray, you can.

      Sarge.. I loved Rachet and Clank.


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        PS3! After watching a friend play Uncharted 2....holy crap! It's like watching a long movie with an epic story line!

        Plus, there's a lot more you can do with a PS3 then just play games
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            PS3....'nuff said. Sarge covered it best. I have one and LOVE it!
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              PS3, get S.W.A.T 4 or 5, you'll be a gamer...


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                ps3..especially with modern warfare and modern warfare two coming out...you would be crazy not too. especially with free online play.
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                  PS3.... Nuff said.
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                    Originally posted by Steve354
                    If was me I would going for the one that I would being getting the most use out of, And in this case it seems like the blueray. Why buy something that you would use say once in a blue moon.?
                    IIRC, the PS3 is still the best Blu-Ray player on the market. The fact that you can also play games on it is just a bonus . Additionally, it can be had for the same price or cheaper ($299 now I believe) than a comparable standalone player.


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                      I bought a blu ray player last week for $130 from woot.com. Deals are out there and paying that extra money for a game system you won't use is silly.


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                          Upgradability, updatability and speed.

                          The PS3 can be upgraded or updated for important fixes since it can connect to the internet. Regular Blu-Ray Player cannot do this.

                          The PS3 is also the quickest running Blu-Ray player on the market. I hate waiting for DVD's/Blu-Rays to load.

                          I don't play games, but love my PS3.

                          Especially since it's only $299 now, which is cheap for even a Blu-Ray player.


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                            I voted PS3, love mine, the kids and I use the heck out of it. That said, be aware of one drawback, that could be either a small thig to you, or a showstopper, depending on how it impacts you.

                            See, the PS# has no direct IR feed, and therefore, normal remotes will NOT work out of the box, nor will RF remotes. If any of this sounds greek, let me know and I can break it down farther. SO, to control the PS3 like a regular player, you have three options. I'll list them in order of my preference...

                            1. The setup I have is my Harmony universal remote, and a Nyko "BluWave" adapter. How this works, is that the Blu-Wave comes with a USB plug that recieves the IR signal from your remote and converts it to commands fed through the USB port. I bit clunky, but once put in place, pretty invisible. Thye remote that comes with the Blu-Wave gets set aside, along with every other remote you own, since with a Harmony remote, they are ALL obsolete.


                            2. Get a Harmony universal remote and Logitiech (they own Harmony) PS3 remote adapter. Slightly smooter interface, uses bluetooth, the PS3s native tounge, so to speak, so you dont lose a USB port, and can do a few things the Blu-Wave cant, since some commands (power on/off) are bluetooth only. does cost $50 as opposed to the $10 the Blu-Wave costs though.

                            3. Buy the Sony PS3 bluetooth remote. I cant imagine doing this, since the whole point should be to reduce the number of remotes you have, not increase them

                            Note two of the three options have the Harmony remote. I really cant say enough about these units. I have owned three, two of which are still active (one died an early crushing death, and they are amazing. They have a USB port. You go to the website, enter your equipments model numbers, set up activities, and its a done deal. When you want to do a thing, you dont have to juggle three remotes. Or press cable, power, TV, power, reciever, power, then try and remember which setting your remote is on before doing a thing like change channel.

                            When I select "Watch a Movie", the remote turns on the right components, and sets the proper input settings, knows that FF, RW, Play and Pause commands go to the PS3, not the cable box. Volume is always the reciever.

                            When I select "Watch TV", it does the same thing, only all the play/Pause stuff now works the DVR, not the PS3. Same for "Play the Wii".

                            My living room one is one of the top end units, has a recharging cradle, color LCD screen. The bedroom one, it takes batteries, and has a regula LCD. things can even run almost anything that has an IR receiver, like ceiling fans, etc.


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