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What kind of shoes do you wear?


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  • What kind of shoes do you wear?

    I'm not a big shoe shopper and like to wear shoes both for training and for casual until they are so worn out I can see a toe pop out. The last time I bought a pair was about 3-4 years ago

    Just a curious thread on what kind of shoes you guys currently wear? And how many pairs?


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    I've got two pairs of UnderArmour.


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      Guys only? I wear three inches heels to work. Many colors. I have over 40-45 pair

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        Boots for work, running shoes or wrestling shoes for PT/DT and working out on my own... then casual is either new balance cross trainers or some dark blue timberland low cut boots...
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          RG Tactial footgear are very comfortable and really not very expensive, I wear them in ballet


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            I love Air Force ones...Simple yet fresh...

            I have 4 pairs of shoes...

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              One pair of black nikes, all I need.
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                Mostly cowboy boots, mainly ropers. I have three pairs of boots and am looking for another (would have them already if Cavender's didn't have some real screwups working there). If I'm wearing shorts, it's Teva sandals or Topsiders.
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                  Light, comfortable, relatively inexpensive and look good with any casual attire.


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                    Lol....working out I have saucony paramounts. Working in the yard I wear shoes that are already trashed. If I'm going out i have ooodddllleeessss and oooooddddlllessss of nice shoes to choose Heeled boots, pumps, wedges, heeled sandals....depends on the occasion
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                      I wear skater shoes, DC's or Etnies.


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                        boots for work...

                        casual i like skechers, they are comfy, and not clunky...

                        Going out, I like heels!! lotsa heels!


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                          having grown up poor, i spend money on footwear.

                          obviously cop boots at work..

                          on a regular basis:

                          Rios of Mercedes Ostrich cowboy boots

                          engineer boots (motorcycle riding)

                          custom made Whites loggers

                          Nike Shoxs (2pair)

                          Patagonia Hiking boots

                          Keen casual shoes

                          Timberland moccs

                          Adidias badass soccer sandles

                          the list goes a bit of a clothes horse, but my stuff lasts forever and i take care of it..

                          i do alot of my shopping here:

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                            i wear red wing boots

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                              Various models/styles of Merrell's...

                              Very popular with guys in my unit.
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