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My morning rant.... about a-hole fathers.


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  • My morning rant.... about a-hole fathers.

    Sorry, but needed to rant for a moment.

    After working at my police department's youth camp over the summer, I decided I wanted to get more involved with the youth. I have worked with juveniles in multiple capacities before but I wanted to find a way to do it with my current LEO job. Fortunately, a School Resource Position opened at my cities one and only high school (the great TC Williams High School!).

    Now I know many may read that and say... oh... a SRO... couldn't handle the street huh? Sad, but some folks believe that. I won't argue the point, but needless to say, high schools this size are a f'n handful. The fact we have 3 full-time cops in one school says something.

    But I digress. The purpose of this rant is geared toward men, or the lack thereof, that decide to have children then run in the opposite direction.

    Yesterday I assisted at our middle school because the SRO there was out on injury. There was a fight, and after we broke them up, I sat and spoke with one of boys. After all details were put out, I wanted to learn more about the student's home life - and of course... no father present.

    This is all too common. I've only been an SRO for 3 weeks, and in every single fight at the high school (probably 15+) the guys involved had no father at home.

    That's not to say that if you have no father, you're automatically going to fight... but it sure makes it seem like you're more prone to violence then those with dads in the household.

    It just frustrates me that men knock some chick up, then don't have the balls to do the right thing.

    I almost wish I could track each and every father down and kick them right in the nuts. It'd make me feel better, and possibly stop them from reproducing anymore.

    Ok, I feel better.

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    In this day and age, there are more and more students that lack a father figure. Its very sad.
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      Originally posted by yangsTa View Post
      In this day and age, there are more and more students that lack a father figure. Its very sad.
      ...and more and more students who are fathers.
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        I am thankful I had plenty of father figures, especially my own pa. He truly taught me the value of what it means to be a man; and what responsibilities every man should own up to.
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          Sadly when I grew up I noticed that the ones who were constantly getting in trouble were the ones with no father. I was lucky to have multiple father figures, including my own father who taught me discipline and personal responsibility. Nothing you can really do for them other than try to be a father figure.
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            Well for some of us that did grow up without a father it was a blessing in so many ways. My dad was a Marine DI after Korea and guess whom was his little Marine squad, me my brothers and mother, my sis was to young to abuse.

            I really did ok with life and I didn't really start fighting till the end of school, but yes I was still in school. The reason that I did fight was that someone really had it coming, other than that I was very respectful, obedient and kept a lot to myself. So if I got in a fight it was really for a reason even though some of those reasons I had then, now I would choose to walk away.

            I do think however that there is a little bit more of a quick trigger these days for kids than there was when I was going to school. I see it all over the place, TV, my daughters school, local news and if anything is changing it's that they're getting younger all the time.

            I think your getting into a "selective breeding" subject Marcus and for the most part I have to agree. But try not to focus on the obvious misconception that it's the "lack of" and not just very, very poor parenting. I'm glad my dad left when he did. When the deputy came to my door years ago and very respectfully said to me, "I'm very sorry, but your father has passed away" I looked at him and said good. He gave me a handshake and a firm smile and said "I do understand"


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              Not only may they lack a father figure all together, the single mother may not by the best role model in the world either. (that could also go for a single father) I am not an SRO but I deal with juveniles all the time on the street and see some train wrecks of a household some of these kids grow up in. Some houses we get called to every other day to sort out thecissues. Its never ending, not until the people move away to another area. lol

              As police our hands are very tied with Juvies to the point where it almost takes an act of god to get them locked up for a short time. And even then, putting them in a juvenile detention facility is only a temporary bandaid for some of these kids. Once they are back out they are back to the same thing.

              I was lucky enough to have two parents that were very supportive of me and still are. My father left him when he was three and never had anything to do with him. My father and his brothers and sister never got into in serious trouble as a kid or had the police called on them all the time. When goes to prove a single parent can raise a just as good as two parents can. But I suppose some parent(s) are just ingoranet expect the police or whoever else in society to raise their kid and those are usually the ones that call the police on their kid every other say because they cant control him or here.
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                Originally posted by marcusindc View Post

                It just frustrates me that men knock some chick up, then don't have the balls to do the right thing.

                Well it frustrates me that some skank laid down to get knocked up!!


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