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Who were you in high school?


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  • Who were you in high school?

    Just another curious thread. Who were you in high school? Or what was your "social" status? I played sports, had a variety of friends, and yet stayed to myself sometimes. Never got in trouble, wasn't a nerd but wasn't "popular" either. Just curious who you were in HS?
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    I was a zit faced jock with a hot rod go fast 't Chevy. I did street racing and such and was afraid of girls.

    There. I said it! I WAS AFRAID OF GIRLS! Next????
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      I'm sort of popular, kinda funny, I like to stay to myself, but sometimes can't help from doing it. I'm not really good with sports though. I'm not really into street racing, maybe mudding or tractor pulling though.

      No offense to trooper, but I am NOT afraid of girls. They're mostly afraid of me because for some reason I look like I am going to kill someone
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        I was a three sport jock. Chess Club, Scholarship challenge, and radio clubs also took up my time.

        Was called in by my Guidance Dept and fawned over for my SAT scores, someone wanted to call around to the local colleges (Cornell, Ithica, Cortland, ect) and set me up.

        Signed up for the military the next week.

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          I was the guy your parents said you couldn't hang around with...waaait, they still say that...
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            The stand-offish girl in auto-tech with the 'kick-a**' import (compared to what most of the kids drove up there)....didnt socialize with people outside of auto class...and when I wasnt at school, was working 60 hours a week at my job.

            Not too many people actually knew my name....they just called me "KC KAT" which was the license plate on my car...
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              I was the rich handsome jock with lots of friends and influential associates! The Guidance Counselors consulted me on a regular basis when it came to dealing with "troubled" kids.

              Sadly I left all that behind when I joined the Dept.
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                I was voted in the yearbook as "most artistic". I spent my time drawing in class. I can't remember how many times a teacher called on me and I said "huh? what"?


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                  Evidently I was Mr Popular... even though I didn't know it at the time...

                  Was looking through my HS yearbook and I hung out with a crap ton of people... I guess I was that guy that could fit in any clique...
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                    The quiet kid who knew someone from every group...Thanks to my common sence, good up bringing, good parents I didn't end up in jail, dead, or a mess somewhere...

                    Never did anything in school, once the bell rung at 2:30 I was gone...If I could go back and change something it would be that...Live and learn...


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                      When I graduate I'll be the class Valedictorian, voted best dressed, most likely to succeed and be the most amazing sports hero my school has ever had.
                      You must be wondering, how is this possible, You've only seen it in movies, well... I'm Home Schooled. There, I said it.

                      But in all seriousness, I get classed as the Home Schooler (obviosly), the rocker, the jock, the quiet one (I like to be alone at time's), The fire (insert pun), the funny one, and the crazy guy who wants to be a popo.
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                      The bottom line: always be nice to the magic voice. All hail the magic voice!!
                      Originally posted by Michigan
                      I have a 1 year old daughter and at this rate I'm almost certain I'm going to end up in prison by the time she's 15 years old. I swear, the first guy that that comes knocking on my door holding onto a naked photo of my daughter.....

                      Don't bother telling me, "oh it's her fault too".... I know, I have double standards. Deal with it.

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                        I was the origional Chuck Norris but I delegated that role to the person you now know as Chuck Norris.
                        He was able to at least engage people in fights. When people approached me to fight I would look at them and they would die. It was hard to fill 30 minutes of TV time with that. I was also to humble.
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                          I was definitely part of the geek crowd - not smart enough to be part of the nerds, but into roleplaying games, wargaming, etc etc. Never really got good at sports until I had a growth spurt around age 15-16 and started spending a lot of time in the school gym doing weights and the like. Even then I was never on any teams because I lacked sufficient social status. My last year in high school was miserable socially, because I got excommunicated from the geeks because I didn't spend all my time gaming, and actually wanted to graduate with decent grades.

                          I spent more time socializing with friends from the local public schools, because they were a lot more accepting of me, even though I was a private school kid. Made me a lot more streetwise, even if I did wind up doing a few stupid things I now regret!


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                            I was that guy under the bleachers at the cheerleader tryouts...until I got caught last week.

                            I was the guy everyone knew. I played hockey and hungout with everyone, and was voted class clown all 7 years of High School.


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                              I was one of about 4 kids in my public high school that came from the private system. I was sort of like the 'new kid' even though we were all freshman, so I made friends in every clique, but not really any good ones. By the next year everyone went back to their old groups from before high school which left me with my old friends from private school and I was sort of a bible-thumper that got along with everyone.

                              Everyone says high school is the time of your life, so I was a little bummed because it was mediocre. Then I got to college and realized that 'everyone' was wrong.


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