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My thoughts on 9/11


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  • My thoughts on 9/11

    I wasn't able to post anything in the last day about 9/11 because I have been extremely busy, but I just wanted to take a minute and tell everyone that I hope they had a safe and uneventfull day. I know that 8 years ago, many of you were working when you heard the news. I, however, was not working, as I was a freshman in high school. However, 9/11 sparked something in me that I'm sure it sparked in all of you. It is what made me want to get into emergency services. I am currently a Special Police Officer and a Volunteer Firefighter (hoping to eventually go career), and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about how I felt on that day. However, I feel that too many people have lost sight of that feeling. Despite that, it is all of you, the Police Officers, the Firefighters/EMTs, and hell, the people who come on this website in support of us that allowed our country to keep on pushing and rebound from the most tragic day in our nation's history. Thank you to all of you, my brothers and sisters for what you do everyday. If God forbid another 9/11 were to happen, I have no doubt that Police Officers and Firefighters would go into the building to help people, just as they did 8 years ago.

    Sorry for the rant but I felt I had to say something.


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    I remember exactly where I was on that day and how I felt. I for one will never forget about my
    Brothers/Sisters that were lost and the sensless loss of civilian life on that fateful day. Thanks is never necessary but its appreciated when its given. Thank you Pete.
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      9th grade english class...
      dubbed code name: Alien #69


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        I was in 9th grade art when I saw the second one fall, I was getting ready for school and right as I walked out the door, the first plane hit.... I also will never forget how I felt, and what was going through me when I saw that.
        "It's not how they die, but how they live that makes them a hero."

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          5th grade homeroom... eight years later and I'm finishing up training to become an Infantryman in the Army and go to Afghanistan myself, just like the men and women I admired so much at that time. Funny how life works.


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