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question on relative who is a crimminal


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  • question on relative who is a crimminal

    Ok another man's post made me wonder if an Officer has a brother who is a released felon, not on the lamb so to speak, are there restrictions placed on an Officer of associating with convicted Felon who is also a brother.

    And in a dept. if an arrest warrant was issued for said felon would the officer be excused or not be permitted to be involved due to conflict of interest?

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    Hi Mr. Hineline..

    We aren't required to completely stay away from family members that have felony criminal records. Family gatherings such as birthdays, holidays, and other celebration types are acceptable. If you are going to Dave & Busters or to weekend parties and associating with such a described brother, you are going to overstep some boundaries that shouldn't be crossed.

    If your brother suspects he has a warrant out for his arrest, odds are he's gunna avoid you. If you see him, then technically you should do something to get him into custody... ie. call the police, get him to go with you to turn himself in, etc. Getting into a 415 with your brother to arrest him is not the best idea.

    But there is no conflict of interest as in a court room. If I pull a vehicle over with my brother inside it, and discover he has a felony warrant, there's gunna be an arrest. Otherwise I'm disobeying a court order. Baaaaaaad Idea.


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      The family always spends Christmas at my cousin's house. For many years, her (then) boyfriend (a former TV personality) was a convicted murder, so we spent Christmas day with her and 'Killer." It wasn't a big problem with my agency.

      Arresting relatives is a thorny issue. It is generally looked upon as a conflict of interest and best left to others. This doesn't mean you turn a blind eye to things. You just let someone else do it and don't get personally involved. That way you keep peace in the family and avoid potential problems with your department at the same time.
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        I have always disclosed relationships with ex-felons. That is required by my employer.
        I still have contact with several distant cousins who are former inmates.

        While I don't have contact with the one that is CURRENTLY spending 25 yrs with the DOC, I do with his parents. ( I DID make sure he never came to my institution)

        Over the years I have known many inmates prior to them becoming felons. In 32+ yrs in the business-----there has never been a problem

        When I worked as a deputy, I became aware of arrest warrants on friends/acquaintances....................................I notified them of the warrants and instructed them to take care of the problem. (none were of the felony type).
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          Your departments' have a rule about officers associating with convicted felons? What a concept! I was having a drink with an off-duty hooker just last night!

          Never heard that type of rule before. I have heard where felons cannot associate with felons, but never a rule on cops.. Maybe it's just for you corrections types..

          Some of my best intelligence comes from former bad guys/girls..
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            No Policy by any of the agencies I worked /work for but, I think there might be some integrity concerns with having relatives that are ex felons. As for being involved in the warrant issue that would seem to be a conflict of interest issue in my opinion.
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              you can't pick family, as to the warrant - turn it over to someone else if you can.


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                Cops are human too and we are not immune to having knuckleheads in the family. We have no rules about associating with them...but wise discretion should be used.

                As for family members having warrants, that can be a sticky issue. One of my brothers came to me one time and said "I think I have a warrant...can you check?" I told him that I'm required to be with the person I'm running, and if they have a warrant, its logged in the computer that I checked and I would be obligated to arrest him. I then directed him to his probation officer to inquire about the warrant and to move from there.

                Ultimately he did have a warrant. This is one of many reasons I do not run friends or family members for warrants or Drivers License issues. If I have knowledge of it, I'd have to act...and would rather send them to someone else.


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                  Amazing concept. A rule that says you can't, or shouldn't associate with a brother who happens to be an ex-con. So much for the system and rehabilitation.

                  Can't check to see if a warrant is valid without the person being present? How the heck do you do a warrant sweep and go out looking for people without some idea that the warrant is still active?
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                    Originally posted by grumpyirishman View Post
                    Your departments' have a rule about officers associating with convicted felons? What a concept! I was having a drink with an off-duty hooker just last night!
                    No such thing sucker!!


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                      I have a cousin who has the same name as me. He's on the other side of the law.

                      For a while, he even lived on the same street - every time he was in the paper, I had to go have a sit-down with my boss.

                      He moved out of town & out of my district & region - now he lives diagonally across from the liquor store in one direction, diagonally across from the PD in the other direction. Perfect location for him.

                      I do not associate with him since he started down that path. Too much of a headache. I agree with Surf about rehabilitation, but when the relative is a habitual offender (and has been adjudicated as such) it is a thin line to tread. I just avoid the possiblity & the person altogether.

                      On the warrant thing, I would be excused according to our Bureau policy, but I would certainly help out in the manner of providing as much information as I could up to the point of arrest. On that note, I did arrest a distant cousin once without knowing it (the name did not register in my brain & I hadn't seen him in years) until his mother showed up at the PD to bail him. I sure recognized my Aunt D**** then! I didn't put him in jail, but he's in jail now for other things. Needless to say, he's still 'distant' but will never forget me. So, it does happen.
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                        Originally posted by Surf View Post
                        Can't check to see if a warrant is valid without the person being present? How the heck do you do a warrant sweep and go out looking for people without some idea that the warrant is still active?
                        My brother is not a cop. He doesn't know what rules do and do not apply. Make sense? But if I run him and he has a warrant, I'm not going to tip him off to it. I'm also not going to tell him that he doesnt have one if he does...therefore, I tell him I cant run him and to talk to his probation officer.


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