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I was banned for 30 days...


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  • I was banned for 30 days...

    Last month I was banned for 30 days.. I was banned for posting in an area where I wasnt allowed to post because Im not a sworn officer.. The only problem is that I am a sworn Deputy Sheriff in OHIO... This made me extremely upset and I debated on whether or not to even return.. Once the band was in effect, I couldnt even contact a mod to fix this issue.. Why did this happen? Who decides when it is time to inhibit a persons access..

    I just graduated the academy and I understand mistakes happen, but their needs to be a way for people to contact moderators without being registered...

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    There could have been many circumstances. Perhaps your profile didn't read correctly? Or you failed to respond to a PM asking for confirmation information about your sworn status?

    There are FAR too many complaints, reported posts and bans for the board Admin to keep track of each and every one.

    If a mistake was made, then please accept our apologies.


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