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  • My last 48 hours

    Thursday morning was ok. Nothing out of the norm, and pretty much a Thursday- until lunch time. I brought my lunch (left over spaghetti), a soda and some garlic bread. About 230 I felt tired/ sleepy. I know pasta does that, so no biggy. I went home, clean the the house and started on my laundry. Some how, my blue sweats ended up in the white load. yep I now have blue undies, blue socks and a tye dye looking white tshirt. (they were new sweat. Glad I didnt bleach them.)
    I go to bed early after dinner, and slept really good until.;...the drama at midnight. Theres a couple (two girls) and they decided last night at midnight was the time to let loose. for almost 5 maybe 10 minutes I heard who was what, what they thought of each other and that they smoke dope. (I kinda figured that with the behavior I see with them.)
    I go back to sleep, and wake up almost 15 minutes late.
    run through the shower (I actually brush my teeth in the shower to save time. I have never done that). Poor Ladybug almost didnt get walked. the cats didnt get treats....

    then.. the traffic happen. It took me almost an hour to get to work. 20 minutes more then normal. some 18 wheeler decided to make nice with the HOV lane and had the truck straddle it.
    then my computer started locking up on me while doing my billing. Next I thought put a movie in. Most clients are sick, its Friday make it an easy day.
    well... the tape was forgotten at home. found another- put it in, then
    they had no bread or liunch meat down in the cafeteria as they had a late truck coming in. (I bet it was that freaking truck humping the HOV lane barrier). So, they got snacks.
    They bitched and complained and they want this and that.... I told them if they didnt stop I would take it all back.,.......

    had lunch with Mom, and then food shopping. We got the "big iteams" that Mom cant carry in. (the case of cokes, the bottles of water, cat liter-ect)

    Guess who carried them into her apartment? I thought I cant do this much more. then I went back to work, and as suspected I ended up with techj support and being ordered a new computer. (I have back up files)

    I come home. I have wings and a beer. I see my neighbor (downstairs) on my way in, and get told that (a) there was an armed robbery in one of the parking lots Wedesday night. (B) the guy's door underneath my aprtment was kicked in today and they were fixing it. and here the winner....
    He plans on moving in the next 3 months. (I am in the middle of two empty apartments, the guy that had his door kicked in is almost never there and this guy works nights so I am really all alone at night)

    Now, I hate moving but I;m thinking the writing is on the wall.

    Now I'm gonna finsh my beer, finish the two loads of laundry and go to bed early. I am buying another beer for tomorrow, looking for another apartment in the same price range....
    any guys that help me move I will feed pizza and beer.
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    ‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.’
    Oscar Wilde

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    Well at least you got the laundry done
    "a band is blowing Dixie double four time You feel alright when you hear the music ring"

    The real deal

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      Oh no!!!! Hugs.....hope things go better tomorrow
      'Evil always wins when Good does nothing'-Anonymous


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        Now my mom calls me and tells me to watch some show on "how to fall in love!!

        *sigh* I guess a BF right now might help, but I'm guessing he would be talking about the animals.......
        ‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.’
        Oscar Wilde


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          Haha, they can be overrated sometimes.....haha, boyfriends....not animals....
          'Evil always wins when Good does nothing'-Anonymous


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            ^^^I know kitty I know.
            (about the animals )
            ‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.’
            Oscar Wilde


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              Originally posted by texaschickeee View Post
              any guys that help me move I will feed pizza and beer.
              When,Where,How long? I can do massages too.
              Originally posted by ISPY4U2
              I'd have pooped myself.
              "But Officer, it's not my butthole. Really, it's my cousins butthole."



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