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Neighbors parking like dumbasses *rant*


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  • Neighbors parking like dumbasses *rant*

    Question for all you people in Home Owners Associations or any LEO's here. Is there a time limit that someone can park in a designated GUEST parking spot? Like 24hrs or so? Asking this question because our ******* neighbors (60ish yr old mom, TWO 28yr old daughters & a 26 yr old son) consistently use a guest spot as their own and even double parking behind their own cars in the guest spot. Sometimes when I can get in the guest spot, I'll park there for a night just to **** them off and make them park up the street.

    They also have this dead '80s Mercedes Benz thats been sitting up the street...last night they had a tow truck bring it down to our end of the development and try to place it in the guest spot. The car does not run, its been dead for months. The President of the HOA came running out and put a stop to that real quick. So instead, they put the dead Benz in one of their reserved spots, and put their new Lexus in the guest spot. The woman never drives the Lexus, it just sits there for days upon days with a car cover on.

    It's gotten so bad that I've begun taking pictures of everytime these imbeciles park however they want.

    This was before the Benz died and before they bought the Lexus. Every car in this picture aside from the Cherokee LIVES next door. I think the Cherokee were just visitors.

    In this picture, you can see me parked in the guest spot, and this bimbo double parked behind her moms Lexus TOTALLY BLOCKING our driveway.

    This was taken last night. The Tahoe, dead Benz, covered Lexus in the guest spot, and both silver & black civics all reside there.
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    Slash the tires, sugar in the gas tank, etc...

    Disclaimer: This serves for entertainment purposes only.
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    Originally posted by Monkeybomb
    What pic are you looking at. Its a babbons @55


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      yeah, when it looks like they have flood lights and street lights. Somone house up for sale in second pic?

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        Originally posted by Ransom View Post
        Is there a time limit that someone can park in a designated GUEST parking spot?
        If in fact there's such a time limit, that information will be found in your CC&Rs [Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions]. You should have been provided a copy when you moved in?

        Explorer, I understand you're joking, but advising an OP to commit a crime is a bad plan.
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          Sorry...fixed it for ya. On a serious note I would advise against doing the same yourself to get back at them...one it will just serve to tick them off... two, if they are punshed in some form for this, they could claim you did it as well, then your buggered. I would take plenty of photos that are time stamped and show obvious changes in the background...put them in order till you have a bunch...can help your case if you have proof.
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          Originally posted by Monkeybomb
          What pic are you looking at. Its a babbons @55


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            Yeah, you need to check the rules and regs of the HOA. I live in a townhome HOA and at least my neighbors are great, we all have driveways so at least 1 of my rides is in the drive. The other is parked in the cul de sac generally meant for guests but we all use it. There is almost always a space or 2 available at night.
            If not I park on the main road thru the place.

            Be the one resident that wont stop at "We'll look into it for you, thanks"
            Be the PITA that keeps calling {but give them a few days to work on it} and wanting to know whats being done.
            If its private property generally the police wont do anything with the dead Benzo, but if its a public road, maybe its considered 'abandoned'
            I got nothing for now


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              I'm not sure thats considered private property. Its just a parking spot in front of a curb, on a street.

              Yes Flawed, theres a house for sale across the street.
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                In an HOA, the HOA owns the streets, walkways, etc. It's not the city that maintains the streets, your HOA dues pay for it. Since it's private property, police can't do much for parking.

                However, if the city pays for maintaining the streets, then the streets are city streets and all laws apply. But looking at your pics, they are HOA owned and operated streets/alley ways. If you have a security company, they would be the ones to contact to take care of parking issues. Also, at the next HOA meeting, give copies of the pics to the HOA board, date of occurrence, etc. They can levy fines against the unit owner who is responsible for the parking problems.
                Originally posted by Smurfette
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                  Originally posted by FJDave View Post
                  In an HOA, the HOA owns the streets, walkways, etc. It's not the city that maintains the streets, your HOA dues pay for it. Since it's private property, police can't do much for parking.
                  ^ That's exactly how it was when I was an armed security supervisor. The HOA was responsible for the roads and the security officers were responsible for enforcing the rules/policy's in the CC&R. We did traffic enforcement with radar, issued citations and parking citations anywhere on the property and the fines were hefty.

                  If something like you're current situation happened in my former job, the vehicles/owners would of been warned (written), then fined $150.00, then $350.00 and anytime after that they would have been towed without warning. Any failure to pay the fines would result in a lean being put on ones property and there were other things the HOA would do to achive compliance.

                  Speak to you're HOA and bug the heck out of them till the situation is fixed.




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                    Like the others said, check your HOA parking rules. Our HOA requires parking permits for the public (non-reserved areas). Each household is limited to two permanent decals. Temporary (paper) guest permits are good for three days only.

                    Vehicles parked in a non-reserved area must be moved every three days or they can be towed. Double parked vehicles like you have shown would also be towed.

                    In our HOA, any resident can initiate a tow and their identity will not be revealed by the tow company unless it is subpoenaed.
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                      Originally posted by Explorer528 View Post
                      Slash the tires, sugar in the gas tank, etc.
                      Not bad Msgt 528

                      Originally posted by Explorer528 View Post
                      Sorry...fixed it for ya.
                      Good, good job... now, Msgt 528, back ta your MOS !!! Double time !!!
                      Originally posted by mookster
                      Sully, usually I hafta glance over your posts cuz my brain would have issues with the imagery you portray, however with that one I get it. I agree one hundred percent with ya.
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                      I swear to god you are not human. I know a rogue VI when I see one.
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                      I think no one is probably happier than Sully and I that we ARE NOT the same person.(seriously thanking God for that one).

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                        we have the same problem at our complex. People will park in the visitor's parking and stay there for days on end, and they also live here. They're just too lazy to go and get a spot assigned to them. We also have the problem with visitors parking in numbered (owned) spots. My boyfriend works graveyards and has come home in the morning to people parked in his spot. It's a pain in the *** because we have to find the person and tell them to move, and he really doesn't want to do that after a 12 hour shift at work.
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