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Is college worth it?


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  • Is college worth it?

    Been thinking about posting this for a while. I am currently in my Jr. Year of college, and So far am realizing that I haven't really learned anything great. I have had a blast in the environment of college (new friends, parties, atmosphere etc.), but as far as course work is concerned its just same ole same. Im currently frustrated because the only courses that I have ever had problems with are math, and I may have to leave school because of it. Personally I do not believe that people in normal careers need more than addition, subtraction, multiplication, division to succeed.

    How was/is college for the rest of you? How many of you actually finished degrees vs. leaving a couple credits short?
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    I'm currently in my freshman year of college and I feel the same way as you do. The college environment is ok but I constantly find myself thinking wether this is worth it or not. From what I've heard, if you are pursuing a career in law enfocement, a degree is a must. Therefore, I continue..


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      I used to think the same thing until I became an accident investigator. The level one course had just about every math equation that i convinced myself in school I would never need. Of course they gave me the equations but it was still a PITA. If you are having a hard time with it get a tutor. Its worth it.
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        I will tell you that college education is well worth it. Get it now while you are young. I wish I had finished my AA in Junior College and then transfered to a university. But I didn't I worked full time right out of high school. Now I am going to back college after being out of school for so long. I am 35 years old and I am making it my goal to finish school and get my degree in Public Relations. I don't want my kids to ask later on why I don't have a degree from a university.
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          Here's a moral booster for you guys, me I graduated with a Criminal Justice Degree, there was not one second where i questioned why the heck i was doing why i was. The days just seemed to be the same, where i barely learned anything useful or didn't know already. Best option is to press on, get the degree and move on to a job you love.

          lpstopper, try getting some one who can help you with the math. Same here i understood and passed everything else in college with ease, but math was always my sticking point. I just poured all my resources into it and finally after 4 and a half years, got that piece of paper saying i have a degree.

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            It is, at least that's what older people say, and so far their postive advice hasn't let me down yet...Get a tutor, I suck at math big time, that's whats holding me back...I don't want a normal career, I want a career that pays $$$, I also want a career that's out there, where I can work, and not have to worry about finding a job in my respected field (that's if L.E doesn't work out for me)...Good Luck...


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              I quit after my first year. Hated school.

              No regrets yet.
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                Take it from one who has had the door slammed in his face many times, SOLELY due to having not finished his degree.

                FINISH IT. FINISH IT! Stick with it.
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                  keep at it..

                  unless its specialized (medicine, engineering, etc) its a piece of paper proving you can finish a task..
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                    If you need help ask and don't ever give up! I want to goto the school where both of my parents graduated from (San Jose University- Spartans!) Forgot to add in the end you will be happy you finished when standing up on the stage to recieve your diploma!
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                      Still workin' at my Masters in CJ.....nearly thesis time (thank god!)....


                      working on turning my minor in Pysch into a major in Social Psych....

                      So tired of school......but I know I need to finish it up......around here, unless you have military or some college you don't have a chance.....the depts in my county are highly sought after.....

                      so I'd suggest KEEPING AT IT....you'll be happy when you're done.....
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                        It sucks, its boring most of the time, and it takes up lots of time.
                        But its worth it.

                        Keep at it.
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                          If you plan to go into and stay in LE then a degree is a must... Yes there are agencies out there that you can get into with nothing more than a HS Diploma... there may even be some that you can get into with a GED (and the salaries reflect accordingly)... but those times are ending.

                          If you do just a little research on how many agencies had NO college credit requirements just 10 years ago and how many are now REQUIRING college credits you will see a tremendous jump. If you continue further you will find that the agencies that require college credits have doubled the amount of credits required over the past 5 years... at the rate LE is moving a BS degree will be a minimum standard in the next 10 years. That being said, if you ever plan to do more that just basic Patrol, then a degree is a must.

                          I've been there, done that, it's worth every dime and every minute. On top of that it will open up a whole lot more doors for you... it's all about choices and though a degree is NOT a guarantee it is guaranteed that a degree broadens you choices.

                          Go with it!
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                            I appreciate all of the responses. Yes, I have noticed that many departments now require some college credits, however I have not seen one where a B.A. was required(the agencies that I have looked at). I seriously want to get my bachelors, and yes it does get boring watching my friends get real careers, and me still in school. But I was told along time ago that "the police dept. will always be there, take your time." I would like to do more than patrol my entire career, so I know that I need to get this done.
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                              Junior year? Police Cadet? Stick it out, bro.

                              Work harder on what doesn't come easy to you. Set aside the high life socializing, and do the math instead.

                              Join a study group that can benefit from helping you along. One of the best ways to learn is to teach. As the more adept students are helping you to become proficient, they'll be crystallizing their own understanding.

                              Maintain good study habits, and choke through the tough stuff as best you can.

                              Talk to the professors in the classes you're not performing well enough in, and ask for guidance in how you can pass your classes and achieve your goals.

                              There's a great deal of good interactive math software available these days. Waterloo Maple and Mathematica are great.

                              Take some classes that satisfy your math requirements without being too difficult for you. Doing math you find fascinating is much easier than doing stuff that you find to be too bewildering and abstruse. Maybe Discrete Mathematics, First-Order Formal Logic, Probability and Statistics, Programming, or Finite math will be suitable. Only a small percentage of people find math in general to be easy, but if you look over the various subdisciplines in mathematics, you'll probably find some of them you can work along in without too much difficulty.

                              If you present some specifics about what you're having difficulty with, that might help you get a more speciic response.

                              Best wishes to you in your studies and career aspirations.




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