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List Every Job Prior to your Real Career


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  • List Every Job Prior to your Real Career

    • Sold Garden Seeds
    • Mowed Lawns
    • Paperboy
    • Bus Boy
    • Dishwasher
    • Car Wash towell dude
    • Gas Station (when they actually hired guys to pump gas
    • Mechanic
    • Sold Home Burglary Alarms
    • Retail Special Agent (store detective)
    • Corporate Security Director / Investigator
    • Corporate Secrity Dignitary Protection
    • Municipal Police Officer

    Then, a State Trooper. Now retired, an author, columnist and oilfield safety dude.

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    Dear Lord....

    -Familly Owned Nursing Home
    -Dairy Queen
    -Farm and Fleet Store
    -Professional Butt Wiper
    -Jewelry Sales
    -Office Assistant
    -My current gig
    -Hospital Security

    Only 2 of those jobs were full time, all others were part time, since I can't just have one job at a time!
    Your mom...


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      Man, I always hate having to list all my employers...and I feel horrible for my BI's that have to call them all ...If I were to list the job fields I've worked, it wouldn't be so bad...but here goes:

      Labor for a computer repair/networking company
      Produce clerk for Food Lion
      UPS Package Sorter
      Hertz Car Sales lot attendant
      Texas Steakhouse Server
      Produce Clerk Lowes Foods
      Server Logan's Roadhouse
      Patient Account Rep Wakemed hospital
      Delivery guy for Colortyme
      Construction labor for some no-name interior trim outfit
      Carpenter for high-end remodeler
      Executive assistant to a failed entrepreneur.
      Production tech at EMC
      Det. Ofc at county jail

      Soon to be local police recruit


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        -Swapmeet Food Vendor
        -Rollercoaster Operator
        -McDonalds Crew/Manager
        -Security Officer
        -Co. Jail Detention Officer

        Soon to be Deputy Sheriff


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          New York Aquarium-Snack bar
          New York Racing Assc.-(Belmont and Aqueduct race tracks)security
          Tow Truck driver
          Wackenhut corrections corp.-Correction officer
          New York city department of Correction-Correction officer
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            - Fast food employee (Dairy Queen)
            - Applebee's host
            - Customer Service (Gander Mountain)
            - Chemical Technician
            - Bar-back at a gentlemen's club (yep... really... )
            - Park Ranger

            And now...

            Municipal police officer.


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              Good Gravy! Not in order, and reaching back into the far recesses of my brain:

              Paper girl
              McDonald's (x2)
              Papa Ginos
              Newspaper collater (or however that's spelled)
              Convenience Store
              Warehouse - Packing, then moved to Shipping/recieving
              Camp Counselor for handicapped kids
              Security Officer
              Pallet Sorter

              Security Officer was my last job before I landed my current career.

              Professional Butt Wiper, Snot Smearer, Laudress, Cab Driver, Teacher, Goat Midwife, Egg Collector, Baker, Chef, Soap Maker, Cheese Maker, Boo-boo Kisser, Hug Giver, Dish Washer, Wife and Mother Extraordinairre.

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                Haha, I've only had one... my current job.

                My title is "Maintenance Assistant"... basically, I work for a construction company doing an office job that just consists of a lot of paper and computer work. 14 months and counting... definitely hate it.

                Well, I guess I might have one more that counts. I used to work one day a week doing cleaning for a company... did that for like 9 months or so.
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                  Here we go! (starts at age 14, I am almost 29 now)

                  Dishwasher at Italian resteraunt #1
                  Dishwasher at Italian resteraunt # 2
                  Soda and Beer stockboy at Deli
                  General lackey at a Subway (lasted about 3 weeks)
                  Stocker at supermarket
                  sales at Izod store
                  Assistant Manager at a luggage store, eventually became a manager
                  Manager at Lids Hat store
                  Sales at Guitar Center (that job was the best but the money stunk)
                  Manager in training at FYE music store

                  And you all know what I do now.
                  “Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.”
                  ― Henry Ford


                  • #10
                    Yogurt Store (at 15 years old-paid for my 1st car!)
                    Pharmacy Stock boy
                    Pharmacy Technician
                    Landscape Work (while RX tech)
                    Cardiology Tech (ran EKGs and holter scans)
                    Municipal Police Officer
                    County Police Officer
                    Perseverate In Pugna


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                      Well, seeing how I haven't really started my career yet...

                      Bag boy at Publix
                      Luggage loader private jet company
                      Deli guy at Publix
                      US Army
                      Stocker at Publix (lasted 2 weeks)
                      Protective Security (two large companies that work overseas)
                      security manager for Marriott
                      VIP escort (local)
                      Undercover Brother with a retail chain

                      Someday I'll have a career.... I hope...
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                      • #12
                        cashier at a pharmacy
                        cashier at art supply store
                        asst. manager of a jewelry store
                        artist at silk screeners
                        manager at a pool room
                        waitress.... few different restaurants
                        bartender/asst manager... one bar, 5 long years
                        present job at pd
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                        and I'm not sure about the former.
                        -Albert Einstein



                        • #13
                          Bagboy at local grocery store.
                          Tobacco farmhand.
                          Unarmed security.
                          Construction laborer.
                          Truck driver.
                          Various positions in industrial plants.
                          Insurance salesman.
                          Fast food manager.
                          Convenience store manager.
                          Paid EMT-I/FF
                          Deputy Sheriff.
                          "Silence! I Kill You!"


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                            Not in order...

                            Bag boy
                            Stock boy
                            Meat Cutter
                            Asst. Store Manager(Grocery)
                            Parts Dept (counter)
                            Retail Sales
                            12V Installer
                            Window film installer (tinter)
                            Asst. Store Manager (auto accessories)
                            Glazier(residential, commercial, and auto)

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                            • #15
                              1994 Concession stand worker
                              1995-1996 Hospital Volunteer
                              1996-2000 Pharmacy Messenger (part-time)
                              1998-2000 Cart pusher K-mart (part-time)
                              2000-2007 Wal-mart overnight stocker (full-time)
                              2005-2006 Telecommunications technician (full-time, and yes I did have two full time jobs at the same time)
                              2007-Present AT&T Outside Technician (full-time)
                              2008-Present Deputy Sheriff (part-time)
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