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Wedding Cake Face Smash


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  • Wedding Cake Face Smash

    We all know it's a tradition for the bride and groom to feed each other a bit of cake at a wedding reception. We all also know of, or have seen, a bride or groom smash the cake into the face of their newly-wed spouse.

    My question is, do you see the act of the "cake-face smash" as:

    1. Disrespectful, and generally to be avoided.


    2. Tradition.

    A few co-workers and I got into an argument, wherein, they were trying to convince me it is some sort of tradition for the face-cake smash to occur. Their main reason, which I disagreed with, was that, since people anticipate the smash, it has become more of a tradition than not, so the burden of proof is on me to prove it NOT a tradition.

    I don't see this as being someting that has been handed down generation to generation, nor really a common practice, and I've never seen it at any wedding I've been to. IMHO, just because you've seen it a few times, doesn't make it a friggin' tradition. Discuss...
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    I'm more of a gentle guy, so I'm not the smash in the face type. Depends on the chick I guess...if she wouldn't mind it, then....
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      I think it's kind of stupid to shove cake in someone's face. I guess it depends on the couple, but I never found that overly hilarious. I was at a wedding where bride and groom decided ahead of time to not smash the cake into each other's faces. Unbeknownst to bride, groom's family tradition was to smash the cake in the bride's face. So he pretended like he wasn't going to, but then when it came time to cut the cake, well, you can imagine what happened. She was none too pleased and I can't say I blame her. Brides spend a lot of money on their gown, makeup, and hair for the day, I would be pretty ticked off too to get cake smashed in my face and frosting on my dress after paying all that money. Seems kind of pointless to me. I mean, you don't smash food into each other's face during dinner, whats the point of doing it on one of the most important days when you would like to look your best for photos, etc? Just my .02...
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        I've seen, if cake smashing is the tradition, that a finger of frosting on the nose works well..
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          I'm a curmudgeon with a strong opinion on this topic.

          Cake-smashing at weddings is disrespectful and should be avoided. I quite frankly think it is a form of ritualized domestic violence (and in some cases, it has broken down into full-fledged violence, complete with bruises and fractures). Honestly, how is it consistent with the vows that one has just taken to love and cherish someone and turn around and smash food in his/her face?

          While there might be some who consider it to be a "new tradition," if a tradition at all, it should be one that ends (and yesterday would not be too soon).
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            I agree with sully and JQP
            Its not something I want done to me on my wedding day. Yes its ok to play around but come on....I got the makeup and hair done, a very expensive dress, so yes it would be considered....disrespectful

            now if I wasnt in the dress...another story.
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              Have not really thought about it...been to some wedding where the groom or bride gets carried away and its not funny.....hubby and I didnt do it...just did the icing on the nose with the finger thing...no biggie.
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                I think it's disrespectful. I was taught that the feeding each other a piece of cake symbolizes their commitment to take care each other.

                My mother threatened my husband with divorce if he smashed cake in my face...he listened.


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                  It is disrespectful and tacky.


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                    It hasn't been the "tradition" since ancient Rome. That's when Roman bakers started making little "sweet" cakes for the bride to eat to encourage her fertility.

                    It is tacky, and disrespectful.
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                      My cousin was married this last weekend - my new cousin in law was not happy when he smashed the cake in her face & up her nose.

                      I thought it was to represent their first "fight."
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                        I wouldn't be happy if cake got smashed all over my face. If my future groom insists though, I will take some frosting to the nose and/or around my mouth. (Keep your minds out of the gutter). I really don't want cake up my nose, in my hair, on my dress. If I told him beforehand not to do it, and he did, he could probably forget about doing the horizontal mambo that night.
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                          ditto to the no cake smashing in the face!

                          a playful smear on the nose or cheek, eh, I could prob. deal with that.


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                            I actually stood across the room and threw the cake at my wife.

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                              LOL... I don't know if I would have done that, after seeing those pics of her in the other thread, she looks like she could kick some butt!

                              how'd that turn out for you, M-11?


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