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Who else gets sinus infections?


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  • Who else gets sinus infections?

    I've been walking around for the last three days, feeling like I took a baseball bat across the bridge of my nose.

    I've been on amoxicillin (875mg 2x daily) for 8 days now, and that hasn't touched it. Doc just faxed in a prescription for azithromycin for me to pick up on my way home. I've been doing steam treatments twice a day, and I've been taking Mucinex-D with limited success. (I've been dreaming in color with the pseudoephedrine in the Mucinex too!)

    This seems to happen about twice a year for me, and I'm a miserable SOB every time it happens. (I know, how could you tell?)

    Anyone else get these things frequently?

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    I used to, but now I use saline on a regular basis.
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      Sully, usually I hafta glance over your posts cuz my brain would have issues with the imagery you portray, however with that one I get it. I agree one hundred percent with ya.
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      I swear to god you are not human. I know a rogue VI when I see one.
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        I used to suffer from them from time to time but since I switched to a combo of singular and zyrtec (generic) I haven't had them much at all. I also used to use the theraflu to help. I also just got this pillow thing that is like a peppermint that you can either heat up or use as is to help with allergies, headaches and sinus infections. It was only about $6 or so and isn't bad.

        GET WELL SOON!!!


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          Unfortunately, my sinus infections are generally secondary to a bout with a cold or the flu. I get a cold twice a year, and the flu once a year, whether I need it or not. Unfortunately, doing something like a regular saline flush doesn't seem like it would help in my case.

          Lately, all I have to do is talk with my doc over the phone, and he'll fax a prescription for me. 90% of the time, the amoxicillin takes care of it. I can't take Cipro anymore because it shreds my stomach. This is the first time I'm trying the z-pack.


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            I'd had maybe 3 in my life... i've started getting them as i've gotten older.

            They are sooo horrible (the pain, that is). I just take what is prescribed, and suffer in bed. I've tried Mucinex, but for the severe cases it hasnt worked.


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              I use to get them 2-3 times every season change. I don't remember what I took for them, but the pain yes, is somewhat painful, but I got use to it after a while, Thank you allergies and asthma caused by California weather.
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                I got diagnosed with one a week ago. Thing is, it's all in my chest, and hardly in my sinuses at all.

                I've been taking so many pills it's awful. Mucinex-D hasn't worked at all.

                I was prescribed Biaxin to fight the infection.

                Anyone else get it in their chest?
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                  This looks gross, but it really works! I don't use the neti pot, but get the bottled saline. You follow the same routine, plus, you can use it as a mister when you are dry.

                  Molly Weasley makes Chuck Norris eat his vegetables.



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                    Eclipse, I get it throughout my whole face. As I said, I have allergies, so I know the spots to push on, to see if I am getting trouble with my sinus' or not. Do this, If you push underneath your eye and feel that bone, and press on it, and if you can feel pressure then you know you will have trouble. That is how I detect if I have trouble, before it hits me, So I can be ready.
                    "It's not how they die, but how they live that makes them a hero."

                    Originally posted by George Carlin
                    You are not a loser, you are the last winner.


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                      I've got a sinus infection right now.. head is pounding, equilibrium is off. Ears have been popping all day.

                      Fun times.


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                        Doctors like yours passing out the antibiotics without even an office visit are the exact reason our society is becomming suceptable to infections because of overuse of antibiotics.


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                          True about the antibiotic thing, DH.

                          The neti pot is a good thing..I use saline as soon as I start feeling gunky.....try to get what you can out before it gets too bad....will be gross, but is worth it. Once it hits your chest and develops into bronchitis..its harder to get rid of....takes a long time..just important to finish your antibiotics if it is a true infection and you need them ....or use the steam bit...I use warm wash clothes on my face.....wet wash cloth heated up in the microwave does the trick...make sure its not too hot. Menthol cough drops help me.....and I have Vicks in the my house...always.

                          Nose sprays and decongestants have a rebound effect , so be careful DRINK TONS OF WATER TO THIN OUT THE MUCUS..espcecially if you are taking so much Mucinex-D

                          Just keep the sinuses clear and ease the discomfort...if its a big problem which continues, polyps in the sinuses could be the culprit...cousin had that even after meds and care....had the polyps removed and is a lot better.

                          If you have allergies.....treat them before they get bad or you may get a sinus infection....over and over.

                          Hope you feel better...try to go as natural as possible.....drink your orange juice, as my sweet mommy always says.
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                            I used to get them on a regular basis, too. My regular doctor finally referred me to an ENT, who discovered I had a deviated septum.

                            I had the surgery to fix the deviated septum, and haven't had a sinus infection since. That was 16 years ago.


                            (Sorry you're feeling so lousy. I hope the Zithromax clears it up.)


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                              I've never been diagnosed with a sinus infection, but I definitely get allergies. strange because in previous years I never had a problem.

                              lately I can barely breathe most of the time. sucks.


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