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  • So... here i am...

    ...sitting at a table in the briefing room waiting to go to work, trolling through O.com.

    Pull up a chair if you've got a minute kids, uncle Lookey has a story to make your day a little easier. May not be as funny as Smurfette's stories, but I'll try.

    My morning has started out like any other work morning...


    "Wow," I think to myself as i reach up to turn off the alarm. "For all that rest I just got, I'm still kind of tired." Check the clock. "Yeah... 4:00 AM. OK then, gunna get some coffee going in a little while."

    The 3 S's later, coffee brewed... "It's a little too late to go for a run before work, but I get off early today, so I'll hit it when I get home. Short day today."

    Driving to work at 0: Dark thirty. Typical on a Sunday morning, empty freeway after a Saturday night. Just a few fellow commuters here and there.

    "Uh oh.... what's this? I just passed someone who was going kinda slow on the freeway. Was that a slight drift I saw? Lets slow down and see if my suspicions are right."

    "Hmmm... OK. I'm on Interstate 5 southbound going about 40 MPH, and this car isn't catching me. Check the rear view. No cars within a half a mile. I'll slow down more."

    I position my POV as if I were a B&W, just off his tail, but back far enough. In his blind side on the left.

    "Oh yeah, that was definitely a swerve." Look down... "I'm goin' 40 on I-5, and typical speeds on an empty I-5 are 70 - 75 MPH this time of morning? I thought all the deuces would have been pretty much in jail or got lucky and made it home by now. Well, lets call my bretheren CHP friends and get a unit en route."

    CHP OPERATOR: "9-1-1, What's your emergency"
    LOOKER: "I've got a deuce S/B on I-5"
    CHP OPERATOR: "What exit are you at?"
    LOOKER: "I just passed such&such St. and I'm in anytown."
    CHP OPERATOR: "What color is it?"
    LOOKER: "Black. Looks like an older Mazda. License plate (using phonetics so they know I'm a cop and that they know that I know what a deuce looks like) blah blah blah."
    CHP OPERATOR: "What is your name, sir?" ::soo polite, so professional::
    LOOKER: "LOOKER. Lincoln - Ocean - Ocean - King - Edward - Robert" Phonetics again, in case she missed it the first time.
    CHP OPERATOR: "What number are you calling from?"

    wouldn't you all like to know!!!

    CHP OPERATOR: "OK, thank you. We'll get someone en route. We just ask that you don't follow the vehicle."
    LOOKER: "Well, it'll be hard cause we're both going the same direction, but ok."

    ....click.... P.S. No, I did not use my hand's free device. Shame on me!

    "Ok... lets get a time check in case I get a subpoena for this one... 2:1- ....
    2:15? That can't be right. Let's check the indiglow. Damn.... 2:15? What are the odds that two clocks are wrong? Well... the cell phones are always right. Lets ho...."

    "Sh*7............................................. ..............................................."


    "How the.... damn alarm clock was wrong. I always hated that thing. Oh I'm gettin' a new one now alright."

    Now all kinds of things are swimming through my mind. I'm wide awake. Who needs coffee?

    "Lets see. Turn around and go home?"... I do some math. I like math. Solving problems... "Nope, It costs me about $15 to get to work and back. Don't wanna make it a $25 day. I'd only get about 1.5 more hours of sleep anyways, and I've got about 12 oz. of a 24 oz. mug of Folgers down the hatch. Who can sleep now?"

    "I could take a nap in the... nevermind. See previous paragraph.

    "Damn. Didn't bring the P.T. gear either, because 'I didn't get up in time' according to my earlier logic. I thought I was a little tired for getting soo much sleep... damn. Hmmm... WTF am I gunna do now?"

    "Bang in? It's gunna be a VERY long day. But that's no reason to start abusing the sick leave now. Besides, leave everyone else hangin? Naw. Keep going you slouch. Suck it up."

    "Coast to Coast" is on.... screw that crap. KGB isn't playing anything good... Guess it'll just be me and the sound of my tires on the pavement."

    "Wow. It sure is closing time." I pass 2 more traffic stops on a few off-ramps. "CHiPpies are getting a workout tonight. Good job fellas, be safe."

    "You know... Smurfette would make a funny story outta this if she had the time. Unless she's whipped now and no longer posts on O.com 'cause her new (insert finger-movements for QUOTE) Maaan... whoever that rat-bastard is."

    J/K Smurfette!!

    "Ok. I'm here now. I'm still thinkin'. Tryin' to salvage my day and find some positive spin out of this ordeal."

    "I know, I'll see if they're short on personnel tonight. It IS still tonight, after all.... dammit. If they are, I can get started early and fill a hole. A little time-and-a-half. Hey! Good idea!"

    "Sh*7............................................. ........................."
    So... here i am...

    ...sitting at a table in the briefing room waiting to go to work, trolling through O.com.

    I STILL don't have to be in uniform for another 1.5 hours. Just ate my banana (yes, ladies... I can do that!!), coffee is gone, body temp is cooling off a bit now. I'm still under the influence of a Caffeinated substance, some of my boys may just now be waking up to come to work, and I'm "not going anywhere for a while."

    So..... no dogs or kids with funny names, just a little story to pass the time.

    Hope your day goes a little more smoothly.


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    haha that sucks! At least you got some dumb arse off the road that could have killed someone, it was meant to be!
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      Maybe you could use the alarm clock for a little target practice. You can certainly drive up the firing range stress level just by by thinking about the ordeal. Have a better day bro


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        It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.


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          You didn't "volunteer" for some OT?!

          Quality First!
          Molly Weasley makes Chuck Norris eat his vegetables.



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            I did that once. But it was only an hour early. So I just did what you were doing. Surfin the web. Just brain cramps.
            "Well I'm here now, so deal with it."


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              Originally posted by willowdared View Post
              You didn't "volunteer" for some OT?!

              Quality First!
              large agency....

              *I wouldn't be covered, and they'd fight tooth and nail against paying for any medical coverage that happened to me on duty.

              *I don't do anything for free unless it's under half an hour. Anything more is real work.

              *At that point I wasn't that motivated.


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                Don't feel bad, I was on hospital duty and showed up 6 hours early. I crashed hard that night. Woke up at midnight thinking I was late. Ooops.

                Then I just got done working overnight 12 hours, and then I thought I had to work at 2. So i get 5 hours of sleep and go into work. Well they didn't need any help. So i drive 30 miles back home. The sucky thing was, I rode with two people that night. So I had to go back and get them after the shift was done.


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                  Man ive woken up early before but jeez....Ill know it within a couple minutes
                  "Friendly Fire, isn't"


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                    Try forgetting it's the first day of your vacation.
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                      LOL at Looker... Wow, that's rough man.

                      I went in on a Saturday once... thought the roads were awful quiet until i got to work and the parking lot was empty. D'oh!


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