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  • Hurricane Ike

    Here are some recent updates.
    I will post here until I can no longer use my computer. As soon as I can I will let you guys know what is happening.
    the three links I use the must are :

    chron.com newspaper

    abc13.com news

    khou.com news (the one I watch the most)

    ke, sure to be a deadly storm, nears Texas

    10 a.m. UPDATE: Not much has changed this morning as Hurricane Ike moves toward the west-northwest, with a landfall expected on Galveston Island. Maximum winds remain at 105 mph, and the storm's central pressure is not falling. Therefore Ike is forecast to come ashore as an extremely large category 2 hurricane.

    If you live east of San Luis Pass and less than 20 feet above sea level, God help you at this point if you have not evacuated.

    Houston now has a 50 percent chance of experiencing hurricane-force winds, and Galveston a 77 percent chance. But unfortunately it won't be the winds that matter so much along Galveston Island, but the water.

    I'll have a full update around 1 p.m. And don't forget our chat at 2 p.m.

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    Hate to say this, but thank goodness it's not us. Good luck........

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      Category 3 storm could drain windstorm insurer
      ‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.’
      Oscar Wilde


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        we are long over due.
        I know that. people here have forgotten. But I'm glad its not the Katrina people all over again. That would suck!
        ‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.’
        Oscar Wilde


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          I've been watching the storm closely as my aunt and cousins are in the Houston area. I got an email from one of my cousins yesterday and they are under mandatory evacuation, so they are packing up what they can and hoping for the best. Hope everything turns out okay for everyone down there.
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            Good luck to you Texaschickee. I hope everything works out for you and you don't get beat up too badly by IKE.
            My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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              Ike from Space.

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                good luck to all throughout this
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                  We (here in North Texas are gearing up for evacuees and bracing for weather that is sure to bring flooding rains to us at the same time. Before leaving today I had to make sure all of our transport vehicles were ready to go in case we had to move our 300+ inmates to safer ground.

                  Should not come to that, but we have to be ready. I am actually scheduled to be off this weekend and at my inlaws home 50 miles away, but they could call me in in an emergency.

                  I hope it weakens in a hurry.

                  Good luck to all in South Texas in harms way.
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                    thanks guys. Love the ply wood with the message to leave.
                    Guys there is a yacht / boat shop on fire (3 alarms) and they cant touch it. too much water around it.

                    Its going to be fine. (positive thinking goes a long long way)
                    ‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.’
                    Oscar Wilde


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                      texaschickeee: I am praying for all in IKE's path especially the first responders. May you all make it through safe.
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                        Galveston is going to take a severe beating. Supposed to be the worst since the 1900 tragedy.

                        That damn storm is near the size of Texas itself. It's supposed to be veering North once it hits land so we here in Dallas should be feeling some of it's effects as well.
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                          I honestly don't think Galveston is gonna make it.
                          I think that if its not destroyed to the point like NO was it may just go off into the water with all the erosion there is. sad, but thats my thoughts.

                          Where in TX are ya?
                          ‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.’
                          Oscar Wilde


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                            Hope you guys don't get hit too bad, chickeee. Looks pretty monsterous tho.

                            I'm out of state so had someone go by my house and put all my plants in, so they're still there when I get back. I miss out on the evacuees and the weather.

                            Good thoughts being thought for all in the path of Ike....
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                              Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center in Miami say the storm could become a Category 3 hurricane with winds of at least 111 mph before it hits the coast late Friday or early Saturday.

                              The storm is about 100 miles southeast of Galveston, and is moving to the northwest at 13 mph.

                              ‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.’
                              Oscar Wilde


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