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September 11,2008


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    This video speaks it all for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_-x9kMPauc
    "It's not how they die, but how they live that makes them a hero."

    Originally posted by George Carlin
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      I will wore my all black suit with 1* tietack, and a flag lapel pin to work. When I get home I'm going to talk with the family of one of my best friends that's currently in Iraq. I am always grateful for those that serve, and mourn those that perished.
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        To all of my Brothers and Sisters who are and have served God Speed and to all of my fallen brothers and Sisters may God Be with your families. I still remember 9/11 like it was yesterday I remember where I stood and what I was doing when I heard the news. I also remember where I was when Oklahoma City was attacked.
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          I would like to say THANK YOU to all of our service men and women. I would also like to thank ALL of our NY brothers and sisters in law enforcment and FDNY!!!!! Your sacrifices have not been and will not be forgotten. I remember when it happened, I remember being very confused by what was happening, then being angered after the realization came to me that this was all a deliberate action.

          I hope that, no matter what political party we belong to, we stand united to fight those that wish us harm. God bless you all and god bless America!!!!!!
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            Shame on those of you who brought politics into this thread. This is a day of remembrance for those lost on Sept 11th.

            I can tell you this, from a service member's standpoint. We stand ready, on guard ready to defend this great country.

            At work I couldn't help but notice how many people I had a conversation with that had forgotten that today was Sept 11th. I know 7 years have passed but lest we forget the sacrifices and great heroism shown that day. One day a year we have the opportunity to reflect and remember those lost. We should never forget that day or what happened. The pain in my heart is still as fresh as the day it happened.


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              Originally posted by Retired96 View Post
              I will wake up and thank God that I live in America.
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                Originally posted by Sully49 View Post
                I firmly believe even if Bush wasn't in office at the time, anyone would have responded with force. They would have no other choice, period. To suggest that our country only responded with force because that clown happened to be the president at the time, suggests no one else would have, and frankly I find that insulting.
                That "clown" and his policies have kept you attack free and living in safety for every second since. That "clown" is your president and I have a sneakin' hunch if it so damned easy to find that snake in all of those caves, our military and initel people would have. But yet, you pull the typical, slimy, lib talking point KoolAid and sarcastically balme him personally. Pretty cheap shot at the Commander in Chief on this of all days - you should be ashamed - not mad.

                Me personally, I do care about Bin Laden and his whereabouts.
                WHy? What possible difference does it make in your day to day?
                I don't think it is fair that one of the Al-Qaeda masterminds involved in 9/11 has eluded us. I'm sure a lot of family members who lost someone on 9/11 would like to see him captured too, and might find it a bit of a blow to them to hear their president say he doesn't really care about finding him.
                Keep it in context. The liberal press was unfairly asking why HE hadn't found him yet. As though HE was PERSONALLY supposed to be out there in fatigues searching and as though he didn't have hundreds of troops out there trying to do just that. As though, we didn't have SEALS and other special units out there looking. The press knew better and YOU know better - he was and is still directing the search but CANNOT TALK ABOUT IT, so the press (and you) take cheap shots - opportunist shots. Pretty lousy.

                I find it infuriating that this idiot who rides around on a camel and lives in a cave has eluded our intelligence and remained out of our grasp.
                If it's so easy, you go out and find him. Tell us all how to do it! I'm sure the active military special forces guy would dig the help.

                Personally, I can't stand when you see something on TV about 9/11, and they show Bin Laden's face, it makes me seethe that he is still out there somewhere. But that's just me.
                No - that's all of us - Including your president - believe me. But the cheap shots are for the press, man. Not you. You're better than that.
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                  I'm convinced that if our troops had free access to Pakistan,we could find OBL.
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