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    What is causing the back-pain, and what other options have you tried?

    Also, if you choose to medicate, you should try the lowest dose possible first, and see what is bearable.
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      Oxycodone for back pain seems awful extreme, but Im a man, so I have never been, and never will be, pregnant.

      What other options are there? What have you already tried?

      Im not in your position, so I do not know how severe the pain is, but I would try to find other methods of relieving the pain. Stretches, massages, and some topical treatments (if approved for pregnant women), as well as simply changing your lifestyle can help.

      I found this link, seems like there are some good ideas on here.
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        Back pain plagued me throughout pregnancy.All the weight in front strained my muscles in my back. These work. It takes most of the weight off and helps support your back.


        Also, body pillows are your best friend.

        http://www.walmart.com/catalog/produ...uct_id=2128727 <---- Super comfy, although you need a rather large bed..
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          Incidentally, when my daughter was pg with her first, had severe back pain from a whiplash injury she got broadsided by someone running a red light. She did not take any pain medications for it. She managed by using a chiropractor who adapted the treatments to her pregnancy.

          There are many ways of addressing back pain. Hope you talk to that doc soon.
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            My wife's OB won't let her take anything that can cross the placenta. I assume this med can cross the placenta, correct?


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