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    Originally posted by farewelltonavy
    Ok rant is over, I haven't heard the new album yet, but I doubt I will. Old metal bands, except Maidens, suck ever since they stopped self distructing themselves and gotten older and married.
    Yeah, that's what I've been saying. Ever since the early 90s all those great bands that started in the 80s or late 70s suddenly forgot how to write new music.

    The new Motley stuff is very average at best and people are delusional if they think it is anywhere NEAR as good as the "Shout at the Devil" album or "Girls, Girls, Girls". It didn't sell squat compared to their old stuff either.


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      Originally posted by farewelltonavy
      Indeed robocop...as much as I love Guns N' Roses, their new stuff sucks for example...and I know it wouldn't be any better if the original line up was back together.

      At least they did some great stuff back in the day, when they were self desctructive...just look at the S*hI*T that passes for rock, metal whatever nowdays...whiny kids with make up...goes to throw up
      Have you listened to that metal channel on the cable music channels? The metal bands today are just AWFUL!!!

      Check out this great list of bands whose music is TIMELESS:

      Kiss, RATT, Anthrax, Accept, Cro-Mags, Quiet Riot, Metallica, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, OZZY Osbourne, KIX, Dokken, Queensryche, Helix, Ace Frehley solo, Skid Row, Winger, Bulletboys, Firehouse, WASP, Dio, Rainbow, Leatherwolf, Poison, Dangerous Toys, etc.

      Of course some bands only had 1 good song and the list is in no particular order but they beat the hell out of the bands today.

      What bands/singers would you add?
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        Originally posted by towncop View Post
        Love, love, love that freaking album!
        What kind of freaking ragweed are you smoking dude? Mustaine may give them the attitude that they need (which I don't think there's a problem with anyway), but Hammett plays CIRCLES around Mustaine my brother!

        No arguments with Kirk being a great guitarist -when James and Lars allow him to actually play that is. I like the idea of bringing Dave back simply because he would bring back the nastier edge that Metallica has been missing since the mid 80s.


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          not that this has any thing to do with Metallica but some one brought up Iron maiden soooooo.

          Iron Maiden?
          It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.


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            Originally posted by DACP View Post
            not that this has any thing to do with Metallica but some one brought up Iron maiden soooooo.

            Iron Maiden?
            Very talented......but strange choice of material to cover on piano.
            It's better to be hated for what you are, then to be loved for what you are not.


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              This is kind of cool, piano cover of Nothing Else Matters
              It's better to be hated for what you are, then to be loved for what you are not.


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                More proof that Metallica are un-redeemable..

                Engineer disowns Metallica's 'Death Magnetic'
                Is 'Guitar Hero' version of new album better than the CD?

                Sep 19, 2008

                Metallica fans have been complaining about the quality of the CD recording of the band's new album, 'Death Magnetic', with many saying the version available on the 'Guitar Hero' computer game is better.

                A YouTube clip comparing sound on the two formats can be viewed by clicking on the video below.

                Fans have complained on internet forums that the dynamic range heard on the CD version is not as good as the 'Guitar Hero' version, reports Musicradar.com.

                While many fans have blamed the mastering process used on the album, Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound, who mastered the album, has reportedly written a forum post about the process.

                "I'm certainly sympathetic to your reaction, I get to slam my head against that brick wall every day," he wrote. "In this case the mixes were already brick-walled before they arrived at my place.

                "Suffice to say I would never be pushed to overdrive things as far as they are here. Believe me, I'm not proud to be associated with this one, and we can only hope that some good will come from this in some form of backlash against volume above all else."

                Listen to the YouTube video comparing the two versions by clicking below.



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                  For one thing GH is on a dvd not a cd, DVD's have a higher sample rate. Having a degree in audio engineering I can tell you this is total BS. It may not be the best mix ever but its worlds above st. crapper
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                  “Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.”
                  ― Henry Ford


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                    The mix is WAY off, especially for Metallica....but I bought it,l loaded it onto 2 iPods, and put the CD in my truck!!


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