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    I became a U.S. citizen on Aug 14, 2008. I'm not affiliated with any party. I've started to follow all these political stuff for the upcoming elections. I'm overwhelmed with all the propaganda left and right, I don't know which to believe. I decided to watch both party conventions to listen to the candidates themselves. I know that I know very little, so this reaction is just on the presidential acceptance speeches. I must say...John McCain's speech hit me better than Obama's.

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    No matter what you decide, good for you to choose to be an educated voter and consider both candidates. Too many people vote purely on whether there's an (R) or a (D) after the candidate's name.


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      Originally posted by Columbus View Post
      No matter what you decide, good for you to choose to be an educated voter and consider both candidates. Too many people vote purely on whether there's an (R) or a (D) after the candidate's name.
      Now that I agree with. I have voted for Bush Sr and I have voted for Clinton. I vote for who I think is best.


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        Go with your gut. If you believe a person is the man/woman for the job, then they are your choice. Vote for the person, not the party. That is what has helped deteriorate and erode or great nation's unity. You seem to be on target!
        Congrats on your new title; AMERICAN! (Please don't ruin it with any hyphenated add-on. Just enjoy the sound of it!)
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          JBean, your best bet is to not watch the media. No matter what you watch, or whom, you will receive some facts that are covered in a wash of deceit, exaggeration, and slant (whether it be left or right). Of course, it's hard to ever get an honest opinion without the author's biases involved somewhere. I will give you my two cents for what it's worth on your new home's political makeup.

          The Democrat (not Democratic) Party is characterized as the progressive and more liberal, allowing citizens to be "free" to do as they please without government hinderances placed upon their lives.

          The Republican Party is characterized as more of an "old-school" approach of conservative values, and is often seen as "restrictive" and uncaring for the individuals.

          I find both parties to be good and bad.

          Disclaimer: Before reading any further, please know that I love this country, and our government, good and bad, is by far the best. We are a blessed nation, and I am fortunate to be a citizen. Any remarks that might be construed as a slander to the USA, are not meant as such. /End Disclaimer.

          I look at both of the parties under certain lights, but really, I look at the success and failings of our government as a whole, not as a party. The party system, like race (but that is another topic) is a divisive wedge that is tearing the country apart. Abraham Lincoln said it best that, "a house divided against itself cannot stand".

          When you look to vote, you should ask yourself "which candidate best represents me?"

          For me, this is a simple question to answer. I look for a candidate who is first and foremost, a man/woman of moral integrity. That's not to say they are perfect, but one who fundamentally believes that this nation IS, not "was" or "never was", a nation established and founded by men and women (and yes, I realize there weren't women involved in politics at the time, but those men were married, so they had women supporting them) who believe in God. Not A god, but THE one and only, God. Considering that they are a God loving individual, and truly have a relationship with God, they will want to lead this country based upon what God would want. This means I want a leader who does not support gay unions or marriages. I also want a leader who cares for the well-being of its unborn citizens, who have no ability to defend themselves. These are probably the two most important factors for me choosing which candidate I would vote for. Everything else, economics and other social factors, I have my own views on, but I would rather vote for someone who would try to repeal the Roe v. Wade decision, and fight against the legalization of gay marriages and unions.

          So ask yourself, what do I believe strongly about? Should all Americans have the right to own guns? Should all Americans have the right to say whatever they want? Should all Americans etc etc. Just read between the lines. Most of our politics now a days are hype. I know that some of our politicians mean well, but let's face facts, they can't always do everything they say they want to simply because the house and senate also have to approve what the President wants to do. I personally don't believe anyone whose standpoint is that they are of the people, and care so much about the welfare of its citizens that they should all have free this and free that (which isn't free, because it will cost you when they hike taxes another 20%) but continue to live in a x-million dollar household. Sell the house, and cut your own wages or donate everything to charities and less fortunate...Then I'll be willing to take what you have to say with a little bit of credibility. I'm sure you all know the way I typically vote and whom I like and dislike in the election by now =D


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            Great posts here so far.

            Some issues keep me with my party (i have some i have strong feelings about)... but NOT always. I have not always voted the same party in every election in my lifetime. I take all my voting seriously.

            People vote different ways because of their backgrounds, beliefs, needs, and feelings about the country and the world. Some people tend to look at their own life and what they need, some look at the country as a whole, and some worry about the whole world. Some people want to help everybody on the block

            It's nice to be able to study and think and use our brains and common sense, and not believe everything we read/see/hear in the media.


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              I totally agree with posts so far. Good comments.

              My hope is that, in the coming election, Americans on both sides of the aisle will stop for a minute and then vote based on "WHAT'S BEST FOR OUR COUNTRY" not the same old tired "WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME."
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                And quite simply...
                Speeches don't mean a thing without some type of a record to back it up.

                I can promise you the world. But if I have a history of not fulfilling my promises, are you going to believe me?


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                  Originally posted by JBean View Post
                  I became a U.S. citizen on Aug 14, 2008.
                  Hey, CONGRATULATIONS!
                  Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we might as well dance.


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                    Here is a website:


                    You can track the bills and votes of your congressional representatives as well as any house or senate committees they are on.

                    A good way to see what they have been up to that doesn't get "spun".

                    Life begins at 40...


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                      I agree with transporter. The "I, Me'ers" are the ones who are bringing the country down. They want what they want to benefit themselves and screw the rest of society.

                      I admit that I live off the system but not by choice. I am physically & mentally disabled and have been unable to work for 11 years now. I am slowly getting stronger in both areas and am planning to try and get a part time job to help me get my foot in the door. I plan to eventually open my own business and get off the system. However they make it hard for you to do that.

                      For instance: I get SSDI $728, have Masshealth and Medicare and I get $124 in food stamps a month. I live in a subsidized housing where 1/3 of my income is my rent. I also have telephone and internet, cell phone and 1 credit card payment a month. After all my bills and grocery money set aside I have about $60 for rest of month, if that. I am on alot of medications about 19 different ones including PRNS. The main thing that has kept me on the system is the insurance as I have numberous medical problems and meds. HOWEVER: I AM GOING TO GET OFF THE SYSTEM. I can't just jump into a full time job because of my physical and mental limitations. I have to take small steps and getting a part time job (8 hours a week, to start) is the first step. I know it sounds like a pittance but its only the first step. I don't drive so I need to find reliable transportation and I definitely need to make sure I keep my insurance. I have been told by my DMH case manager that if I work more than 40 hours a MONTH then I will have to pay the medicare deductable which is about $90 - $100 a month. Also lets say I make $300 a month in part time job. My rent will go up $100, so that leaves me $200. Then the deductable is another $100, that leaves me with $100 but then if they cut my food stamps I will actually be losing $24. So it would be in my best interest to stay on system and vote accordingly but I refuse to do both.

                      I know I am digressing from subject and I apologize. What I am trying to get at is that there are some of us who it would make more sense to vote for the person who will keep giving free this and free that, cause of specific situations. However i am not one of them. I hate being on the system and feel like a leach on society. I don't want things handed to me for the rest of my life. I want to work for them. I want a president who will do whats best for the COUNTRY NOT JUST ME. I want a strong president. I want someone who will protect this country FIRST and FOREMOST. I want a president with morals who won't cave to the lobbyists if what they are lobbying for does not benefit this wonderful country. I want a president that will support our troops and what they are doing overseas.
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