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  • Back at it.

    I want to thank those that called and sent PMs. Your support and condolences are greatly appreciated, even if I didn't respond at length. Thank you.

    We buried Mama Monday morning. Monday evening her brother died. We had his visitation Wednesday night. It has, to say the least, been a very difficult time for my family.

    I don't understand it but have faith that one day I will.

    However, I try to find the lighter side of most things and it's just my personality and how I deal with things.

    Sunday night we had Mama's visitation and hundreds of people showed up. It was really nice to see how many lives she touched. I think it helped my Daddy, he coped very well.

    I was standing to his right, my sister on his left, when this woman I have never seen before throws her hand up at me to shake and declares, "HI! I'm JANICE! I was your Daddy's girlfriend 45 years ago!!!" and then lets go of me and literally...LITERALLY...throws her arms around my Daddy's neck.


    Not much in this world makes me speechless. Truly. I'm sarcastic and fairly quick witted.

    My jaw was gapping open and I know I sputtered.

    My husband was standing behind me...just as speechless.

    I hear my 84 year old grandmother start to rise from her chair as she says the word "Harlot."

    Nothing will get you moving faster than thinking Grandmama is about to lay a beatdown on someone at your mother's viewing.

    My sister says the only appropriate thing at that time....

    What the f&^^?

    My daddy is pushing at her, trying to dislodge her arms from around his neck.

    I'm telling you. This b*tch probably waited 45 years, checking the obits daily, waiting on this to happen.

    Husband's got a hold of me...brother in law was trying to grab my sister. This, people, is a redneck funeral. No doubt about it.

    I believe I called her a tacky b and I know my head rotated a couple of times, fire from my eyes probably scorched some of the flowers.

    Someone asked Janice if she had, in fact, passed my mother's body on the way in? I believe it was an Aunt...

    Needless to say, she was escorted from the funeral home as quickly as possible.

    We actually chuckled about it later. Daddy said the best thing he'd ever done was to get away from Janice 45 years earlier when he met Mama. Janice, it seems, never got over it.

    The power of laughter is an amazing thing. My mama loved to laugh, too.

    I'm still surprised Janice made it out of there without getting snatched bald. If Mama does have any power up there, I bet Janice is having a difficult time about now.

    I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.

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    you really do have a magnet for incidents to happen.
    glad you didn't spew green stuff when the head rotated. It would have looked really bad.
    And I bet Janice shows up somewhere Dad goes. She is a problem waiting to happen.

    Sorry about the Uncle also. You had a month.
    ‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.’
    Oscar Wilde


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      May God grant rest and reward to your Mom, and to her brother, your uncle, and grant peace and comfort to you and yours.

      It's unfortunately not unusual for a person to pass on shortly after a loved one passes on. Perhaps it's due to stress, or to wanting to join the loved one in the hereafter, or to not feeling the same duty or incentive to fight on.

      I think Ms. Janice is mixed up. She apparently tried to be respectful of a marriage by staying out of the picture all those years, but didn't show any respect for departure or bereavement. I pray for her, too. I'm glad you were all able to handle that situation.




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        Wow your august sucked bad... I sure hope you have a great Sept.
        Come on Ms. Janice just wanted a booty call. hahahah. I can't belive she couldn't have waited until at least till after the burial.
        Originally posted by Smurfette_76
        You will always be disappointed when you expect rational behavior from irrational people.
        "I always carry a pen in my but, because you never know when things are going to crack off."
        Unnamed inmate VCJ


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          Ms. Smurfette, you have had a tough time. Know that we've hung on every word.

          Yeah, pretty tacky indeed. That story has taken place involving a couple of older folks I'm aware of....BUT....not at the service.
          "You're never fully dressed without a smile."

          Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

          Three things I know for sure: (1) No bad deed goes unrewarded, (2) No good deed goes unpunished, and (3) It is entirely possible to push the most devoted, loyal and caring person beyond the point where they no longer give a 5h!t.


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            That is the very definition of poor taste and tackiness. Nothing says "funeral" like a good rout and riot...
            Gimme a Diablo sammich and a Dr. Pepper, and make it snappy - I'm in a gotd**n hurry!


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              My condolences......

              That being said, Janice has a HUGE set of hanging dice to pull a stunt like that at a funeral. I commend you for not going medieval on her ***

              A man should never be ashamed to own that he has been in the wrong, which is but saying... that he is wiser today than yesterday. Jonathan Swift 1667-1745

              It's only a conspiracy when your party is not in power.


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                Smurf, I know there is nothing anyone can say that will make you feel better about this... but know that you have friends all over the United States and parts of the world praying for you...

                I hope September brings you lots of love and happiness dear...


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                  I am sorry for your loss..


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                    May you find peace and happiness in your time of need.

                    (I'd have let Grandma take care of business, myself)
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                    Ten should not even be here.
                    Eighty are nothing but targets.
                    Nine of them are real fighters;
                    We are lucky to have them, they the battle make.
                    Ah, but the one. One of them is a warrior.
                    And he will bring the others back.


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                      WOW.........Sorry for your loss but i am glad that you can still see some humor in the situation. Keep your head up and still fighting.
                      "You can't handcuff me, I'm a college graduate!"


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                        Wow. I was speechless just reading what you typed out. I am sorr for the loss of your uncle,too.

                        One of our employees died of a heart attack and not long after her husband that she was taking care of died within a week.

                        Again I am sorry for the loss of your mom and your uncle.

                        That woman is a piece of crud. That was totall uncalled for for what she did.
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                          The way I think of death makes it easier to cope with, I believe. It was simply the end of their time. My condolences to you.

                          Also, your Janice story really lightened everything, it seems. Got a little chuckle out of me cause of just how ridiculous that is! I'm glad you can laugh at that as well. Laughter is by far the best medicine.
                          "Friendly Fire, isn't"


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                            OMG! That lady has a set of stones on her! You are like me. Laughter is the best medicine and really does help you through hard times. I have enjoyed some of your longer posts and your humor does shine through. I bet your reports are a good read, too!

                            Things will be better soon.
                            There are no extraordinary men... just extraordinary circumstances that ordinary men are forced to deal with.
                            William Halsey


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                              I am so sorry for the loss of your uncle as well. I agree with (s)sgtElmer, I woulda let grandma handle it. Anyway I am glad you can laugh at it now though. As mentioned earlier laughter is the best medicine. You are all still in my prayers. That lady, Janice, is sorta in my prayers....she's in the ones I pray that God will teach a lesson to. Anyway hope you have a better september, much better.
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