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Dating deal-breaker


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  • Dating deal-breaker

    In a Q&A forum, someone asked which one of the following would be deal-breaker about their date.

    I'll post the result from that forum later. There was an overwhelming vote on one over the rest.


    18 out of the 23 or 24 in the Q&A forum chose Bad Teeth as a deal breaker. I'm sure there are many items were not included in the list. But rotting/missing teeth stood out for most in this set.
    thinning/unkempt hair
    acne scars
    bad teeth/breath
    pot belly
    shorter than me
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    Which of what following..?

    Edit: Ah, there's the poll.
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      Absolutely none of them, for me. I don't utilize physical things for deal breakers. We're all going to be old, ugly, wrinkled, toothless hags one day anyway.

      Meeting someone shorter than me is the closest thing, if I HAD to choose something. I'm only 5ft3, so not many guys are shorter than I am.

      My deal breakers are things that actually matter.

      Things that make me say "NO!" right up front:
      -having kids
      -wanting kids
      -not liking animals
      -not having a decent job
      -Fundamentalist christians
      -any sort of criminal record or history of substance abuse
      -excessive drinking


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        I can say kinda what JM said, in that physical things don't always make that the deal breaker, however, it can influance me one way or the other.

        Everyone knows I'm a package deal with my animals. they are with me and that is that. no If you don't like one I wont put them down. (yes that was asked one time)

        the thing is that llike JM if no job, no own place, and substance abuse OR criminal charges- nope sorry.
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        Oscar Wilde


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          I'm not that picky but obesity plays a big role in who I will date. There are plenty of things I can tell about a person from there weight.




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            i am going to have to go with JMTX and texaschickeee. i am not so much into the physical as i am into the personalty and all that. don't get me wrong my husband isn't ugly but if he were i could honestly say that i would still marry him.
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              If her feet are ugly, she's obese, drinks too much, smoke or is noticably taller than me, I am sorry, it's just not gonna work.
              "The only people you need in your life are the one's who can show you how much they need you in theirs."


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                None of the above are deal-breakers for me. I look at the person as a whole.

                If I had to guess which one came out on top in the other forum, I'd have to say "bad teeth/bad breath"


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                  I'm going with the Bad Breath thing...

                  Depends what you mean by "bad teeth". If by bad you mean they are crooked, that's not a problem. If by bad you mean they are brown and rotting out of the mouth, that's a DEFINITE deal breaker.

                  Bad breath is just disgusting. I can't stand to even sit near someone whose breath is permeating the air around us, let alone kiss them.

                  The other characteristics are negotiable... Though, I assume we are talking about getting set up on a blind date with someone and then discovering that they have these features... If I knew they were gross before going to meet them...well, I wouldn't go to meet them.


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                    Where is the option for "Anorexic/Bony?" No hungry girls allowed.... Because that being said, if you are skinny/anorexic, I wont get close enough to you to tell if you have bad breath/teeth/pot belly blah blah blah.
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                      Actually all of the above for me, but then again I'm REALLY picky.

                      Edit: Actually cancel the "shorter than me" and change it to "taller than me".
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                        obesity. If you can't take care of your own health...well bye!
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                          I can't stand smokers, obese women, nasty teeth, nasty breath, and I'm 6'4 so if a girl looks down on me (physically)... thats just scary. And I don't like acne either... Basically, I'm a shallow bas%*rd, but I admit it... but as I get older my days of looking for the barbie doll are over... A good looking girl with a level head and good job would be fine =)


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                            As long as you don't look like you should be living under a bridge and your breath doesn't smell like you just ate a poop sandwich, I'd give it a go.
                            "Valor would cease to be a virtue, if there were no injustice." -Agesilaus the Great


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                              Bad teeth like this?
                              It's better to be hated for what you are, then to be loved for what you are not.


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