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just a poor kid trying to support his mother...


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  • just a poor kid trying to support his mother...

    so i like to give details so here goes the story. my husband was eligible for a cell phone upgrade. he was still on his parents plan so we (me, my husband, in laws, and bother in law) make the trip down to Verizon. my husband gets his new phone and switches over to my plan. we go and sit outside with my mother in law while my brother and father in law upgrade their phones. i see this kid probably around 16 or 17 going around selling Carl's jr coupon books. finally my brother and father in law come out and they sit down and we try to decide what we want to eat. this kid comes up to us and says something about being a poor kid and trying to support himself and his mother and blah blah blah. none of us have cash on us and he says ok thank you. he then makes the mistake of asking me how much i got my voyager for, i told him around $100 and then he was all "that was a good deal, i just got mine for $220" piece of advice kid, you want to play the "poor kid" part dont tell people you blew 220 dollars on a cell phone. i am now really glad i didnt give him any money. guess maybe he needed a blue tooth headset to go with that new voyager
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    The worst of things like that is that it makes us all reluctant to help out, because we never know who is telling us the truth and who is telling us a sob story in order to exploit our compassion.

    Most of the time it is the latter, unfortunately for the former.
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      Reason number 2 why I don't buy anything from any one on the street.
      people lie and manipulate for that and the reason given is typically not truthful.
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