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When to Toss Clothing


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  • When to Toss Clothing

    When it comes to clothes, when are they truly unserviceable and headed forn the ragbag?

    One hole in my tshirt and its a rag.

    Undies on the other hand, seem to have to be holding on by one thread before I can toss them - they are just then getting comfy.

    Levis? Can't have a single hole in my jeans - no matter where.

    Sneakers? As soon as one pair get so disgusting I hear comments, they become my grungies - I wear them FAR too long as primary sneakers.

    Socks - any hole near the toe and its in the rag bag. Holes in other places are negotiable.

    Jackets - worn until they fall off
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    Originally posted by 1042 Trooper View Post

    Levis? Can't have a single hole in my jeans - no matter where.
    you don't wear button fly do ya?

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      Jeans- when stained or holes they are patched and made into work jeans.
      Underwear- Thrown out when only a waist band remains
      Shoes- When the sole is worn out and cant be replaced.
      Jackets-Till badly worn then they become work jackets until threadbare.
      Shirts-T shirts, I blow through them quickly. The rarely stay long enough to worry.
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        It depends.
        I have a pair of pants that are worn at the waist band but I love them. So I am holding them for now.

        Just got a whole bunch of new undies. No tax and the store had a BOGO so....nice new ones.

        Shoes, depends. If I love them I'll go buy another pair just like them.

        jackets/... dont wear them that much. shirts, stained or torn they are "weekend" shirts
        ‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.’
        Oscar Wilde


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          Jeans- The older the jean the better IMO. I will now admit publicly that the jeans I wear to school, partys and other places of the sort are often not washed for weeks. Obviously if they get dirty in some fashion they get washed, but I like the feel of an unwashed jean.

          Underwear- Anytype of hole and it is into the trash they gp.

          Socks- I'll add this category because it is my most OCD of all clothing items. I buy new socks often. Once they get washed so many times they lose that awesome new sock feel.

          Shoes- Two types of shoes for me. Junk shoes and non junk shoes. Junk shoes get worn till my toes show. Non jjunk shoes stay till I feel it is necessary to buy new ones.

          Jackets- Any rips in any seams and it is time for a new one.

          Shirts- Same as shoes. Work shirts and play shirts are two different things. Any holes or rips in play shirts and they are religated to work status. Work shirts have a half life of plutonium.
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            Underwear: when they rip, or when they have a tear from the band to the cloth (I don't know what you call that)

            shirts: when they have a tear on the collar, or it has an ugly stain that won't come off...

            Sneakers: when they look ugly even after you clean them, or until Footlocker has a sale...

            Levis: till they fade real bad...holes are ok if you want to go w/ the rocker look, I guess...

            socks: when they have a "toe hole", or till they look dirty even after you take them out of the dryer...

            jacket: what's a jacket?...



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              Boxers - When they wear so thin they tear like paper

              Shirts - When they look ratty. Holes are negotiable (Im wearing one right now that has a small hole on the collar)

              Jeans - Holes negotiable. I tend to wear holes in the pockets where the pocket is sewn onto the pants.

              Socks - When my toes pop out or when theyre uncomfortable.

              Shoes - When theyre so worn out they hurt my feet, or when the sole splits.

              Jackets - Not sure if Ive ever really worn one out. I just recently got a couple I really like. A leather jacket and a carhart, and while the carhartt has (or had) some heavy grease on it, neither are really worn out.
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                I still wear clothes that I did back in fifth grade (and I'm off to my third year in college).

                I grew up in a pretty poor family, so I had to make use of what I had. I can even show pictures of fifth grade and now of the same shirt I still wear .

                But hey, no one knows but me!

                I do take care of my belongings, including my clothes.


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                  Shirts - It depends on the shirt. I just put a hole in one of my favorite shirts, a small one... I still won't toss it. The hole looks like crap, but I love the darn shirt. Otherwise, I'll get rid of them when I quit wearing them.

                  Jeans/Pants - When the holes get too big, I'll toss'em. Most of my pants have holes, so I can't complain. I like holy pants. I wear them to church. People (ie.. my dad) say they look like crap. I tell him "air conditioning."

                  Shoes - They go when they either stink so bad I get complaints from the neighbors, or when they're so trashed they can't be salvaged.

                  Underwear - They usually get tossed once the waist band stretches too much. Usually it's just from wear and tear, as my teency waist couldn't stretch a rubber band.

                  Socks - They get tossed when there's a hole in either the toe or the heel, or when they don't have the elasticity any more. Or if the dryer mysteriously eats the other one, I'll toss it's mate. Thankfully, I now buy the same kind of socks, every time. Now I don't have to worry about matching socks whenever I do the laundry, they're all the same!

                  Jackets - The only jacket I ever threw out was one that I used when some friends and I were dragging each other behind a snowmobile on a frozen lake. My dad thought I spilled battery acid on it... he still doesn't know how that jacket was destroyed...

                  Nobody mentioned hats yet...

                  For me, those get tossed when they're rank with sweat. But, most of my hats fall under the "the more it's worn, the better it looks" category. Therefore, washing my hats serves two purposes: makes them look better AND keeps them from stinking.


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                    I wear all my clothes far beyond the point at which they are serviceable. I have two "sets" of clothes. One is for everyday wear around the property, riding horses, exercising, running to the convenience store, etc. These things are all in pretty questionable condition. This includes all forms of both outer and underwear.

                    I have a second set that is reserved for "going out" or "having company" and all these things have to be pristine. I'm a perfectionist, so it only takes the slightest hole or stain for one of these items to be relocated to the "grungy set".

                    Oddly enough, I do the same thing with linens, towels, bath rugs, etc. I have one set for everyday use and another that stays put up in the closet in plastic bins for when I have company.


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                      Jeans- Forever

                      Underwear- Until the elastic waistband fails to stretch AND retract

                      Shoes- I wear my shoes until they can't look new with a good scrubbing.

                      Jackets- They don't sell these so called "jackets" in Arizona...

                      Shirts- Until they shrink too much or fall apart at the neck.

                      Socks-I probably have 15 pair of socks that I wear. I hate dirty socks. major pet peeve


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                        Shirts: When they have tons of little holes, I will either cut it into rags or (depending on where the holes are) turn it into a t-shirt dress.

                        Skirts: If it gets caught on barbed wire and ripped above the knee, but the material is still salvageable, I will turn it into two smaller skirts for the girls for play. If it is below the knee, I'll patch it. Stained, I still wear it. Shrinks, I split it into two skirts for the girls.

                        Undies: I really should get some new ones.

                        Bras: I still have stretched out, worn out, clasps missing nursing bras and I am no longer nursing.

                        Socks: Holes

                        Stockings: Holes, runs.

                        For the rest of the family:


                        I let him take care of his own. He can decide when to get rid of his clothes. I just wash them and put them away.


                        Charlie outgrows his clothes, they either get bagged up to go to someone else with a little boy or if they are too worn and stained they either get tossed, turned into rags, or used as scrap fabric.

                        Bethany outgrows her clothes, they get passed on to Hannah.

                        Hannah outgrows her clothes, they either get bagged and passed, tossed, turned into rags, or turned into scrap fabric.

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                          For underwear, I don't much care about appearance, just function.

                          Other clothing gets demoted from dress/casual to physical work to trash barrel.
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