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Is it legal or illegally to look up my police history?


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    I'm clean. I checked both married and maiden.

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      Thank you for your reply and info! I always tell the truth about charges and so on. Will I need a Public Defender or an Attorney? I had a Public Defender once when I was charged but I forget his name. I don't even remember his first or last name. As I looked up the definition for expunged and it means destroy or erase. If that is the case then why won't it go a way? One other question. Let's go back about 7-8 years ago. The PO (Probabtion Officer) spoke to the DA and tried lower or drop the charges and the DA said no. What can make them do it now but they wouldn't do it 7-8 years ago when I first got charged?

      Originally posted by PABear31 View Post
      Go to the nearest PSP station and request a criminal history check form. Fill out the form and mail it with the required fee to the address on the form. The State Police will send you a copy of your criminal history. Then if you choose to you can petition the court to have your record expunged. I believe that you will have to file the petition in Wyoming County, but I could be wrong. If the judge agrees you can have your records expunged. However, if you ever apply for certain jobs be aware that records don't really go away. You still would have to report the arrest and guilty plea during a background investigation or run the risk of not being hired or possibly being fired and or prosecuted even years later for lying about your background.


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        As I done a search on yellowbook.com, I didn't recognize the Public Defender name. I went to Google.com and found the PO for Wyoming Couty Adult Probation and reconize his name. For some reason I thought his name was Bill but don't see a number for him. Can he do anything to expunged the charges?

        William Colbenson (Wyoming County, PA Adult Probation Officer)


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          lol thats funny i looked up my name and it showed i had a "traffic/other" the only time i have ever gotten a ticket was a fix it ticket from CHP for tinted windows, wouldn't think that would show up on my record though
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            An expungement is a civil process and is not covered by the contract of any public defender's office. You need to hire a private attorney to do the expungement. Also the DA's office may contest the expungement if he/she feels there is a good reason that the record of the arrest and conviction stand.
            Yes you are right that the word expunged means "erased". But what actually happens is that is any copies of your criminal history that are attached to the police report are destroyed and the word expunged is stamped on the police report, but the police report still exists including any report of the final disposition of the case. The District Attorny's office still retains their case records the court still has their records and the FBI still has their records of the arrest and conviction. The only thing that an expungement does that I can tell is limit who can learn about your criminal record. Certain employers (particularly the government and certain private industries) can still find out about expunged criminal histories.

            By the way public defenders are all attorneys. It's a requirenment. They are just attorneys who practice criminal law under contract to the government to defend indigent criminal defendants,
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