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    I was told that I will be going to the police academy at the end of March if i pass my psych and medical. I recently learned that the 1.5 mile time at that academy is 12 minutes or under. I did it today in 12:50.

    anyone have tips on how to get my 1.5 mile under 12 minutes?

    In the academy how many chances do you get to pass the run?
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    Run faster…


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      The human body tends to set a “default” pace when distance running.

      Onecway to increase that default is fartlek training:


      Essentially, it involves setting a distance, say 2 miles, then alternately sprinting and running... sprint 60 steps, run 30 steps, and repeat.

      This can help during the test run itself and when used regularly in training it can help reset that default pace, pushing it up a few notches.

      Akso, counting steps helps take your mind off the run itself, how you feel, wanting to stop, etc.

      Ladtly, set your training runs just slightly longer than the test run. If you have to run 1.5, train at 2. When the test comes, using fartlek and sprinting all out, you’ll run that first 1.5 at a much faster pace... and the slower last .5 won’ matter.
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        Do you have to meet the time on day 1, or at graduation?


        • Police808
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          Yes. That’s what I want to know.

        • just joe
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          Then call them and ask them.

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        Do interval training to increase your endurance. Don’t worry about it, you’re close. You run enough hills in the academy to pass by the last test. The running is no joke there, you get past the first three weeks and you’ll be fine as far as running is concerned!


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          Originally posted by CCCSD View Post
          Run faster…
          You’re such a Smart ***,……that was pretty funny, lol!


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