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Will iliotibial band syndrome disqualify me


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  • Will iliotibial band syndrome disqualify me

    I went to the doctor about a month ago from a sore knee from misuse because I was afraid it was something serious. The doctor said it was just iliotibial band syndrome which requires rest and stretching. My knee has been feeling perfectly fine since I have been stretching and taking better care. Will this be a problem at the medical still?

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    Specific states, and in some states specific departments, have different standards.

    That said, I had surgery on both knees, a spine fusion and diabetes (I’m rated 70% disabled by the VA)... and got hired.

    A sore knee won’t be an issue... maybe a sign off by a doc.
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      I doubt it will be an issue. Answer all questions truthfully. Don't volunteer extra information.


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        Never heard of that syndrome until now. But as long as it wouldn't interfere with you being able to perform the duties of the job it shouldn't be a problem.
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          No, it won't cause an issue with medical, however, that's the least of your worries.

          Iliotibial band syndrome is nothing to play around with.

          Before joining the academy, make sure you are fully healed. The last thing you wanna do is get into academy then go through their VERY RIGOROUS training and tear your lateral ligament. If this happens then you're done!

          In the academy you will be physically pushed to your limits: Holding squat positions for extended periods of time, then immediately having to jump up and run full sprint, followed by dragging a dummy backward. This is ALL high stress on your lateral ligaments. If your ITB tears, it will require surgical reattachment.

          If you ever heal properly, it will be at least one year of recovery and possibly limited mobility afterward, which means no more academy.

          The fact that you were diagnosed with a ligament syndrome tells me that the doctor can't pinpoint the cause. That's what a syndrome is. If your iliotibial ligament is always giving you problems then you may wanna change your diet, take BCAAs, start strengthening that specific area and perform the RICE method. Make Google and YouTube your source of info for ITB.

          None of this is to scare you but to make you aware of the real possibility of causing permanent injury which could ruin a career that hasn't even started.


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            OP look at “kneesovertoesguy” on YouTube. His training program has been a game changer for me. Your issue is likely very fixable.


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              Thanks for the suggestion. This guy is great.

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            Originally posted by Texas_tactical View Post
            OP look at “kneesovertoesguy” on YouTube. His training program has been a game changer for me. Your issue is likely very fixable.

            You're answering a question that was asked over two years ago. The guy that asked it, hasn't been logged in for almost two years.


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              First post thread research?


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                Learning is fun...

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