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    Hi Officer.com Forums,

    Seeing as the social distancing orders are still in place (though slowly being lifted) and knowing that the academy has hills where PT will be conducted, I have been resorting to running outdoors in my neighborhood to prepare for the academy. Originally, I had planned to train on a treadmill in the gym at a consistent incline but it is not possible currently.

    My neighborhood is situated on flat ground so I am able to keep a 09:30 pace on my 3 mile runs but I know running on an incline is far different than on flat.

    What are your recommendations of possible parks or trails (i.e. Mission Peak) in the South Bay that would be helpful for me to get used to running at in order to get me physically prepared for the academy?

    To add, about how far should I aim my daily runs to be? Currently, I am running at least 3 miles a day.

    I have tried to search for answers regarding this topic and could not find similar posts. If it has already been answered, I apologize and ask if you could link me to the post. Thank you for your input!

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    Hi ,
    I'm getting ready for an academy my self and my runs are usually low 8's - low 9's for 5 miles . I do my conditioning in the hills and it's helped a lot ! I would suggest downloading the app " All Trails" . It really helped me finding the perfect runs with hills . If you can find the radio codes the department uses you can have someone ride a bike behind you and they can yell out codes and you give the definition while running . It's very challenging being fatigued and trying to use your brain . That's pretty much what we'll go through during the academy . Fatigue and brain power! Hope this helps .
    "train beyond the pain and the only release is death"


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      This was incredibly helpful, I had not even thought about incorporating academics with physical training!

      Thank you for sharing how you are preparing for academy. I will definitely check out the app “All Trails” and get comfortable with getting uncomfortable (fatigue and brain power)!

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    I went through ACSO's academy a couple years ago. It is no joke!
    Based on what you are physically able to do right now, I can tell you are likely going to struggle with PT.
    Not trying to be a downer, but I went in with that Marine Corps regiment and ran 3 miles in about 22 minutes.
    I still had a wake up call when it came to PT in the academy and even was in the rear for some runs.
    My advice is find a way to do hills, leg strengthening, and upper body.

    You CAN fail out of the academy in PT, we had several that did not return after the first week.

    Best of luck to you.


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