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  • Polygraph Question

    Just to briefly cover my situation, I recently took my third polygraph exam. I passed the first one (had to take a second for drug related questions) and passed the second one too. I made it all the way through the process and had an academy start date. Right before I started the academy, I had to take a leave of absence for military reasons.

    Fast forward to my third exam, most of the questions were just covering the time period since my last exam (about a year and some change ago), however they did throw in a few questions such as “in your life have you ever....”. Everything was going fine until I finished my test. The examiner said I was showing a reaction on two questions (devious sexual history and drug use), even though I have told the truth all the way through the process, and have no disqualifying answers pertaining to those topics. He asked why I might be having a reaction to those questions, and I told him I guess I was visualizing events relating to those topics when asked about them. He said okay and sent me on my way.

    My question is, why would I be showing a reaction to two questions I am not lying about? Also, does the fact that I showed reaction to two questions mean I might be seen as deceptive? (even though I’ve already passed two, and one specifically relating to drug use)

    Thanks for any help, feeling super anxious about it!

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    The poly cannot tell if you are lying. Instead, it detects physiological responses to a question that could be indicative of deception. Those same responses could indicate you find the question embarrassing, or that it reminds you of something unrelated that makes you uncomfortable, or that you find it offensive - anything that provokes certain reactions from you. Interpretation of those responses is up to the operator/

    Every poly operator I've known started out insisting the device was infallible. After a few years using it, they all came to the conclusion that it was voodoo science whose only values was to scare people into confessing before the test began.
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