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Denver sheriff? Can anyone help


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  • Denver sheriff? Can anyone help

    Hello Guys,

    I am currently in the process with DSD. I filled out the background packet a few weeks ago, Passed my integrity interview last week and I'm scheduled to take my Suitability test this week. From what I'm gathering is the hiring steps get rearranged from one academy opening to another. I am applying for the October academy, It seems like they're going through the process really fast. They contacted me quiet a few times throughout last week regarding questions about my application. Does anyone know if that's how fast they usually go through the process? Another question. If I make it through everything and get the conditional job offer, Does that guarantee getting through the academy as long as I pass the steps after? Or there's going to be a pick and choose?

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    Denver Sheriff is desperately short of people, so it's no surprise they are processing people quickly.

    Keep in mind the Denver Sheriff isn't elected, he's an appointed official who doesn't actually have the powers of Sheriff... those are invested in the Chief of the DPD. The Denver Sheriff department is essentially a correctional organization, they only handle the jail and the courts. The Denver Sheriff academy is also not POST certifying. You can't leave there and go work the road without attending another academy.

    ...and because of some shenanigans by a group of deputies in the past, the restrictions on staff self defense and use of force make Denver the most dangerous jail in the state for staff members. Staff are assaulted in there routinely.

    The training is really good, many of the people are outstanding... but without a POST certifying academy, mediocre pay, restriction of duties to essentially corrections only, the extreme danger to staff and the lack of respect shown to them by the City and County of Denver and the lack of concern for their safety by their own chain of command you can see why they are shorthanded.

    Anyone who wants to work corrections can go to DoC and be more safe, have more career opportunities, and I think better pay... and anyone who wants to be on the road eventually needs to go to a POST certifying academy, and would have to leave Denver SO in any case to get to the road. Denver SO gets what's left.

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      thank you for the reply, So you think it's easier to get on with DSD than other sheriff Departments (detention deputy position)?


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