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PHS - Should I include something that happened when I was a teenager? (long post)


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  • PHS - Should I include something that happened when I was a teenager? (long post)

    Hey everyone,
    I've been lurking these forums and trying to get the best understanding on every angle to better my chances of getting employment in LE. However, I have a question that I haven't been able to get a good answer for.
    In the PHS question 67:
    Either as an adult or a juvenile, have you EVER been detained for investigation, held on suspicion, questioned, fingerprinted, arrested, indicted, criminally charged, or convicted of any misdemeanor or felony offense in this state or in any other legal jurisdiction (including offenses punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice)?
    Here is what happened around 2008-2009 while i was 15 years old.

    I will tell you the full story so i can get the best answer possible. There will be a TLR at the end of the post as well.

    My brother and I were returning from fedex early morning after dropping off a laptop to be shipped out for repairs. On our way back my brother was speeding and in a rush to get home as he just finished an overnight shift and needed a couple hours of sleep before going to his second job. Well, he never realized that he was doing 55 in a 25 mph zone. We passed an undercover cop and he began to chase us down. When his lights came on, my brother pulled over to the side of the road and expected a pretty hefty ticket. The cop however had different intentions. He came out, gun drawn, yelling to throw the keys out the window. *I know this story so far has nothing to do with me but hang in there* My brother follows the officers directions and does it calmly. The officer approaches the car and yanks my brother out the window and slams him on the hood. At this point he yells at me to get out of the car and go home... Out of fear i get out of the car and bail. I walk home crying, scared, and worried. I get into the house and start to explain to my father what was going on but before I could finish we hear knocking on the door. Little did I know, that officer had followed me home. My dad opened the door and was greeted by that officer. He tells my father to step aside and yanks me outside. He puts me on the hood of his cruiser and searches me. He then turns me around to face him and starts demanding that I tell him the truth. He is claiming that we were drunk and high, driving under the influence. I tell him that we weren't. This goes on back and forth for a little while. He says yes i say no. Eventually he says he is tired of me lying to him and he is taking me downtown with my brother. He puts me in cuffs and just slams me into the backseat. By the miracle of god or whatever it was, a sheriff that my brother had known from a previous ride-along he did in high-school hears our last name on the radio. He came to our house right away and asked the arresting officer if he had even read us our rights or even tested us for drugs or alcohol. (Mind you, he isn't arresting us for speeding...) He says that he hasn't. The sheriff orders him to test us right away and to that officers disappointment we both tested negative, multiple times. He was left no choice but to release us. As he was releasing me he mentions that I should watch my back on these streets. Fast forward to the next day, we go to a lawyer seeking help to make sure this doesn't go on our record or anything but the lawyer just turns us away and im sure it was because we didn't want to sue so he didn't want our case. We didn't have much hope so we left it as is.

    My question: Now that I am thinking of applying to be a police officer I would like to know, should i include this in my PHS or not to? I'm not sure if this is anywhere on my record or not either.

    TL : DR Brother was speeding 55 in a 25 mph zone. Under cover cop arrests him and sends me walking home. Follows me home and arrests me too. His basis for arrest was because we were drunk and high, not because of excessive speeds. Sheriff orders arresting officer to test us but tests come back negative. He releases us. Wanted to make sure this doesn't go on our record so we seek lawyer help. Lawyer says we have no case on this. Now im not sure if this is on my record or not and if i should include this in PHS or not.

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    Dammit, sorry guys I posted in the wrong section. Can mods delete this? I'll post in the hiring section this time. Sorry!


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