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    I just got hired by my local police department for an academy in February. Aside from PT, what is the best way to get myself ready for the academy? Meaning academics wise. What should I be studying or looking over in the mean time? Thank you all!

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    First of all congratulations on getting accepted. As for advice, get your family squared away. You may miss birthday's and different events. I missed father's day while I was in the academy and it was not easy imagining my wife alone with my kids while I was doing building searches. Do as much as you can now. But still get in an academy routine prior so it is not a culture shock so to speak.
    As for academics if you have anything from the agency or their web site offers materials then just concentrate on that. Know your codes and definitions. know everything you can about your agency especially the chain of command.
    Unless it is agency specific I'd just remain a blank slate. They will "mold" you exactly how they want for their agency.
    Few pieces of advice
    *Ask as many questions as you need to. Information is a tool. You don't "not know" instead you "find out"
    *Take notes and write down everything
    *Remember during inspections no matter how good you do they will find something. You know you are doing good when the questions/criticisms get silly. And its all a game, its not personal. They are yelling at you and in your face not to humiliate you but rather to equip you for the real world.


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      Thank you very much for that. That's very helpful to know.


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        Studying wise I typically read the chapter 3 times before each test, it has worked well so far. Also in Florida they have a site where you can do numerous practice quizzes. So I read and do those and have been getting 96’s so far the past few tests. My buddy graduated last month, his advice was to read the book at least 30 minutes a night and you’ll do fine.


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