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    Hey everyone,

    first time poster and long time reader here. I just have a quick question regarding general academy training protocol for a day off. Specifically, a buddy of mine is getting married on a Friday and made me a part of his wedding, a long time before I applied to the academy. Normally, it wouldn't be an issue, but in this case, the wedding is a 6 hour drive away. So, I can't drive there after my training on Friday. I'd have to leave (at the absolute latest) after PT that morning. The academy begins on this Monday, the 9th. And his wedding is Friday, the 20th.

    taking all that into consideration, is asking for that day off something I should avoid? I've read a bit on here about people wanting prolonged periods of a week or more off, and that's obviously unacceptable and not what I'm after here. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you and stay safe out there.

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    And to follow up, I'm asking if it's a good idea to inquire about this, or should I go ahead and tell my buddy I can't make the wedding but I'll be there a little late for the reception? We have a meet-and-greet tomorrow (Sunday) with the academy staff and that's when I was planning on just asking if it's something that's even possible. I'm just asking this community if that's a bad idea all together.

    hope that clears up any confusion. Thanks again.


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      In NC all the academy days are required. You cannot have a day off and still be eligible for certification. Occasionally your director will allow an absence for extenuating circumstances like if you are very sick or in a car accident but not for something like a wedding. Even if you are allowed to take the day off, which is unlikely, you will have to make it up on your own time. You can ask your director but in all likelihood he will tell you no.


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