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  • US CUSTOMS hiring process

    good afternoon everyone. Applied to US customs here in California back in February. The process has been great. Here’s the checklist so far:

    pre employment forms: completed
    qualifications: completed
    medical examination: completed
    structured interview: completed
    drug screening: completed
    background investigation: pending
    fitness: completed

    now my hold up is this...I took my polygraph (video and audio recorded) over two weeks ago and only spiked on one question which was crimes against person. I didn’t understand why because I’ve done nothing wrong my whole life in regards to hurting someone. Most of us have gone thru a polygraph and we all know the machine can’t tell the tech if your lying or not but to just how your body reacts. So a couple years ago I was involved in a fight with another male that was beating his girlfriend in a parking lot. There was a fight and the subject pulled a box cutter and I was stabbed 7 times. So I had a reaction to that question (domestic violence) because I had a physical and traumatic experience that I had explained. He then stated that he’s going to send the results and audio video to office of inspector general and have them contact me. I told him that’s all I have ever done in regards to that question. He then questioned me for about 30minutes on just that question and we got no where. He stated that I would be a great customs officer and ended the interview. So the tech told me that it was the only question that spiked and I wouldn’t pass but he did make a point that yes I would have a reaction to that question because of the situation I was in. So leaving the office I felt like a failure and had a 2.5 hour drive back home. The next day I got a call to schedule my drug test. I was in shock because the tech told me that he didn’t pass me. I’ve asked a officers about the situation and a lot of officers have told me that I more likely passed. “Why send you for drug test if you failed” and another officer stated that when he first applied and failed the polygraph for customs they sent him an email less than 24hours later letting him know he failed and was out of the program (it’s been over 2 weeks for me). Am I thinking about this too much? Help me out guys, let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

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    Sounds like you got your answer. In a background investigation, no news is generally good news.


    • bigl1986
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      Understood. Thanks for the response.

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    Usually takes about a month or so to get those results sent over to you. It depends on their background team who gives the final look over and states whether pass or fail. Hang in there.


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      I don't think they would waste money on a drug screen if you failed; sounds like you had a normal reaction and most likely passed


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        Originally posted by Pmgrad08 View Post
        I don't think they would waste money on a drug screen if you failed; sounds like you had a normal reaction and most likely passed
        I agree. Drug screening comes ONLY if you passed the poly and then your second PAT test and then conditional offer for academy.


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          Does anyone know how much time you get to
          run the 1.5 miles at FLETC when your there for CBPO training ...the pre-employment fit test doesn’t have a run and the FLETC Physical standards list just states you must be able to pass a 1.5 mile run but doesn’t give a min time. I’m a little nervous as I’m like 5’2 on a good day and my short legs don’t move that’s fast. No issues running distances I’ve just always ran very slow


          • merlin436
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            Customs and Border Protection Officer PFT-2 Requirements

            Test Repetitions Time Frame
            220 Yard Run --- 50 Seconds
            Sit-Ups 25 1 minute
            Push-Ups 17 1 minute
            1.5 Mile Run --- 17:15 minutes

            That's pretty much where you want to be(or better)prior to entering the academy.

            A 15 minute 1.5 mile run is the ultimate requirement.

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          Ok thank you very much. I think that’s Def do-able. I was under the impression it was just participation but just glad it’s not the 13 min 1.5 mile run I saw for the border patrol agents. Just curious, where did you find that info. I couldn’t find the time limits on the FLETC website


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          oh wow perfect exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much


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