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Preventing PT Shirt bleeding (markers)


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  • Preventing PT Shirt bleeding (markers)

    Did the search and didn't really find any topics that cover this specifically (found lots of folks who asked about where to write their names for various agencies).. So curious to know the options on how to prevent PT shirts from the "bleed" effect of the sharpie. I looked on Youtube and found the whole craft section which is pushing to buy "fabric markers" which is option 2.. Was hoping for a home remedy instead.. I've heard "hair spray" but no one can advise how to apply it (before then write on, or after written).

    Any input/guidance is appreciated!

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    Buy fabric markers or get it stenciled at a graphic design place, if your academy allows it. However, if they told you to have X number of shirts that are marked with a Sharpie, then do exactly what the instructions say.


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      Had to do this in my academy. Just used stencils and sharpie. It will fade in the wash but it didn't run. Make sure it's fully dry before you wash it.


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        I used a Sharpie in Basic Training (AF). It didn't bleed, and it did fade, but slowly
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          We tried a few variations w/ hairspray before and after it is set.. Hitting it w/ heat is the best we've noticed, so I used my heat gun on a lower setting for about 2-3 mins and thus has worked well.. Helped the ink set in. Fabric markers are nice but after talking w/ the craft store they basically do not have a long life span especially going over a couple shirts.


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