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Getting Stains out of PT Clothes


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  • Getting Stains out of PT Clothes

    Just started the Academy and, as most of you probably know first hand, my sweats were covered in thick mud and grass. My wife did her best with Oxyclean, but they are not pristine. What did you guys/gals do to get those tough stains out? Looking for any tips you could give. Thanks!

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    Try this stuff, Pink Zote soap. I've gotten it home depot for under a buck and it works. My son ayso soccer and gets muddy. The soap will get most of the stains out.
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      Mix ammonia and the strongest alcohol (I think 97% at Dollar General) you can find half and half in a squirt bottle. Works on just about anything with any stain. Should be able to get everything for less than $10. I use this stuff to pull stains out of clothes and upholstery all the time. Works miracles!


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        First, I hope you're not tossing muddy clothes in the wash. You won't get them cleaned and you will ruin the washer. Use your garden hose or utility sink to get that stuff off. My fellow Marines here will vouch for the effectiveness of a "scuz brush" to get caked up mud off gear before you wash it. Basically a hard bristle brush.

        Second, Fels Naptha. Add a little hot water, get a good lather and scrub it in with a sponge. Let it sit for an hour or so, and run it through the laundry. It also works well on armpit stains in white t-shirts. That takes a few cycles though. I use it all time to pre-wash stains on my dress shirts that I wear at work. Or to keep my white shirts bright.

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