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Time off while in the academy


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  • Time off while in the academy

    Generally speaking during police academy training are you allowed to miss a day or two? It wouldn't be anything like a week vacation to mexico or anything like that, but for personal reasons are you allowed to miss a little bit of time?
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    Originally posted by Mustache master View Post
    Generally speaking during police academy training are you allowed to miss a day or two? It wouldn't be anything like a week vacation to mexico or anything like that, but for personal reasons are you allowed to miss a little bit of time?
    Generally speaking NO. The time management of a police acadmey is really tight. If you miss something it is nearly impossible to "make it up"

    Of course there are always ways to get around this WITH PERMISSION OF THE ACADEMY STAFF.

    So THAT is who should answer this question
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      People do miss a day here or there from time to time. Normally you better have a good reason and expect to make the time up


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        Take the time off. It's much more important that you run errands and go to a movie than attend any training about laws and life...
        Now go home and get your shine box!


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          To be more specific it would be for medical related reasons with my wife, not going to the movies. Thanks to all that provided feedback.


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            My reply still do the others. Ask the academy staff, not us.
            Now go home and get your shine box!


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              Time off from an academy is HIGHLY DISCOURAGED in my experience, even with permission of the academy staff. The learning pace is so fast and concentrated that missing any time puts you way behind the 8-ball. You are still responsible for knowing ALL the stuff you are taught and if you weren't there to learn it, you probably won't be successful in the testing process on that subject matter. Many academies I'm familiar with send you packing after you fail TWO exams.

              If it is a true emergency situation, taking time off might be a little more acceptable, but still not an ideal situation for you.

              Talk to YOUR academy staff and see what they say.

              Good luck.
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                Depending on your states POST (or its equivalent ) requirements, you may not be able to miss ANY time at all....there are a certain number of hours/classes that are mandated by state law as the bare minimum....some academies don't do anymore than that
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                  I missed 4 hours of my academy to attend my sons high school graduation. I had to make the time up before it ended.Try not to miss much time because you will get behind quickly


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                    The biggest thing they gave us time for was job interviews.

                    You had to time it so that you didn't miss anything you couldn't make up. Missing a track day or range day was right out.

                    Talk to the staff about it but I wouldn't think missing half a day of power points would be a deal breaker.
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                      Originally posted by tanksoldier View Post
                      The biggest thing they gave us time for was job interviews.

                      This was the biggest reason people took time off for in my academy too.


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                        Our academy was pretty lenient on time off. It was broken up in to 4 or 5 main modules... each course or class was a apart of a module including DT/CT. We could not miss more than 8 hours. So for Legal, 2 days off was a fail (or something along those lines... never happened so im not 100%).. DT was an hour each day so you do the math.

                        It was never an issue except for DT. If you're injured and cant participate, it counted as missing the class.
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                          As far as I recall, we could only take off for family emergencies.
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                            If you miss a day, it'll put you at least a week behind. If it's an absolute necessity, at least take it off on the day they teach diversity or some other touchy-feely crap that no one really cares about. Don't miss any sessions on law, field tactics, defensive tactics or firearms.
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                              Some academies only allow you to miss 15 minutes of each class. If you go above 15 minutes, you will be recycled into the next class. I had a classmate whose wife went into labor and he had to leave. He was recycled into the next class.


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