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    I am working on my resume.
    I am currently a volunteer at the department. I work with the officers, help them when they need us, do patrols, etc.
    Before that I was a stay at home mother, and before that I worked in life insurance.

    Can anyone give me any tips on what to include and what I should NOT include?
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    I'd double check first and confirm that your agency actually accepts resumes.

    Unless it's specifically requested, most law enforcement agencies do not accept resumes. Instead, you fill out an application indicating whether you possess the minimum requirements necessary for admission to the testing process. You then take written and oral exams that measure your ability to perform the duties of the position you are seeking. Applicants are scored on the number of correct answers they give to test questions and they are then hired in the order of their score (highest first, next highest second, etc.)

    Information in a resume is unverifiable and unquantifiable. How much value to we give to volunteer work over a college degree? How much value do we give to having management experience to speaking French? What do any of these skills have to do with performing the duties of a police officer? Instead, your value as an applicant is usually measured based on the department's criteria as determined through written and oral testing.

    Here's how we look at resumes at my agency -


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      Around my neck of the woods......................most agencies file resume's in the circular file in the Chief's office
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        Nothing on the resume will reveal any more relevant information than the job application. It may actually work against you if any information on it is in conflict with info on the regular application. Your best strategy is to submit exactly what they request. No more, no less.


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