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  • Up-to-date FLETC info

    I was recently hired by the USSS/UD and I'll be heading down to Glynco, GA on March 6th for FLETC. I've done some searching on this forum and others for some info about what to expect, but almost all of it seems fairly dated.

    Just looking for any tidbit of info/advice you have for someone attending FLETC in 2016 (rather than the mid 2000's, which is all I could find on the forums).

    - What to bring (outside of casual clothes and hygiene stuff)?
    - Off-duty activities/places/things that I have to see while I'm there?
    - Off-duty activities/places/things that I should stay far, far away from?
    - Maybe some stories about specific experiences regarding classes/off-duty outings

    Oh, and of course anyone that will be down there starting March 6th, PM me! It would be great to, at least, be in contact with some people in the class.

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    Did you ask this in the USSS UD forum?
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      The biggest change in FLETC over the years is cell reception. Most everything else is pretty much the same.
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        Those other threads about FLETC are pretty accurate still and I went mid last year (2015). You're just going to get the same info here.

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