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  • Injured before Academy

    Hello everyone,

    I hope I am posting this on the right thread. I have been going through the hiring process with a big department in southern California. I have gone through all the steps and have received my contingent job offer. I will be starting the academy in May, a little under a month. I have recently been training physically with alot of emphasize in running. About two weeks ago I noticed pain in my lower Tibia bone and just brushed it off and kept running and exercising. The pain has now gotten to the point were I can no longer run without major pain. I went to my physician who did a couple of test and x-rays. It turns out i have a stress fracture on my right Tibia bone from putting so much pressure on my shin. He has instructed me to lay off the running or I will risk getting a full blown fracture.

    I am so crushed by this blow back. I was on track to starting so shortly. My question is how should I let the department that is sponsoring me know? I have spoken to the recruiting team during our workouts that I had "shin splints" but I had no idea it was a stress fracture. I understand this might remove me from the May academy, but I don't think it would be right to be selfish and take someone else spot who is no injured. My questions is how should i let my department know? I don't want them to think I am some quitter and I am hoping they can recycle me instead of DQing me. I have gone through the entire hiring process and would just be crushed if I get DQed for this.

    This department is also hiring hundreds of people so I hope I am able to rest and join the next academy until Fall 15. I have even taken the initiative and I am paying a physical therapist out of pocket to help me get back on my feet ASAP! Thank you for all the great advice!

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    You need to let them know, before you fail out of the academy and cost them money and time.

    You're only hurting yourself.
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      If you can't be 100% in PT the day they start you will only exacerbate your injury.

      Either back off your leg impact training now & see how much it helps, or go to the next academy.


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        Originally posted by CCCSD View Post
        You need to let them know, before you fail out of the academy and cost them money and time.

        You're only hurting yourself.


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          Its simple, call them or make an appointment to go by and tell them you have fractured your leg running in prep for the academy. Make sure to tell them you fractured it running in prep for the academy. This way they know you were doing something constructive with your time getting ready for the academy and they will more than likely simply recycle you. They have invested money and time in you already if they have given you a conditional job offer so they won't want to lose that. And a stress fracture will only set you back a few weeks. We have had injuries like this come up with recruits before the academy (flag football injuries, car accidents, mud run injuries etc...) and we always simply put them in the next class.

          Honesty and the fact you injured yourself prepping for the academy will more than likely get you through this.
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            You have 2 options:

            1) Pretend you're not injured and make it worse and possibly sustain new injuries in the academy and end up either being removed from the academy or withdrawing.
            2) Heal up now and attend the academy later when you won't have a nagging injury holding you back and your chances of successfully graduating are much higher.


            Note: I went with option 1. I'm not a cop. What does that tell you.
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              I was in a similar situation except it wasn't for the start of the academy it was a final fitness test for getting into a department. I had sprained my ankle to a point it was 3x the size and purple, I let my background investigator know as well as got a doctor's note. It took 8 weeks but I was finally able to jump back into the process. Had I tried to get back in earlier I would have messed things up worse and not have made the 2nd date they gave which would have probably booted me from the process.

              I was open and honest, had a doctor take a look at my injury, and was very proactive about my physically therapy time and the exercises they gave me to do at home. I still have some pain but I'm able to continue my training and know that my start date here shortly will be no problem. My BI was glad I was honest and even mentioned that some folks don't waiver off with injuries and fail their fitness tests and get booted from the process.
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                A large dept hiring hundreds of people will probably have an established procedure for this. Just tell recruiting the diagnosis as well as estimated time for recovery. Also, I tell people this all the time.. you don't have to run every day to be a decent runner. Of course you have to run sometimes, but rowing (on a rowing machine), biking (stationary or not), and swimming will all increase cardio/endurance without putting stress on your lower legs. I recommend doing those things while you recover, if your doctor/PT says they're o.k.

                Good luck!


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