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Women's Hair - Bangs and pomp?


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  • Women's Hair - Bangs and pomp?


    I put my hair in a bun. But am I allowed to have bangs? (My bangs are just above my eyebrows, so its short and hard to pin tightly to the side) Also, if I can't have bangs, can I have a little pomp at the top?

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    You need to comply with the grooming requirements of whatever dept you work for. We don't have a prohibition against bangs.


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      If you are gonna work in the northeast you'll probably have to wear a hat. Many females try to stuff a lot of hair under the cap trying to conform to regulations and all it does is deform the cap. Looks kind of silly to me. I always felt the ladies looked better with a ponytail sticking out the back and letting the cap retain its designed shape, but I'm pretty sure that pony tails are a violation of hair regs at least in NYC.


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        That makes sense! However, I am in Los Angeles
        thanks for the feed back though!


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          'm pretty sure that pony tails are a violation of hair regs at least in NYC.
          They are with our dept. Have to wear a bun style that doesn't interfere with headgear or cut it short.

          Found this:

          605.20 HAIR STANDARDS - GENERAL.

          All employees shall maintain their hair in a neat, clean, and well-groomed manner to reflect a professional and businesslike appearance. Unacceptable hair styles include, but are not limited to, a design(s) sculpted into the hair or wearing long hair over a shaved (to scalp) portion of the head. Dyeing or highlighting the hair is acceptable provided it is consistent with a natural hair color, without obvious blocks, patterns or spots of color.

          605.22 HAIR STANDARDS - UNIFORMED.

          Uniformed Female Employees. Female employees shall arrange their hair so it does not extend below the bottom edge of the shirt collar. It shall not interfere with the employee�s vision and shall not be arranged in a way that would be advantageous for a suspect to grab, such as in a ponytail. Sworn female employees shall ensure that their hair does not interfere with the proper wearing of the uniform hat or the prompt and proper placement of protective head and/or face gear.



          If I found it in five minutes, you probably could have as well. If you want to be a cop, become more self-reliant.
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            Although I am a male explorer, the dept. I work with does not allow bangs and requires all long hair to be up in a high & tight bun. This is true for both explorers and full time officers.

            This will differ between depts., however. Your best bet would be to ask a co-worker, IMO.

            Stay safe
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              Women's Hair - Bangs and pomp?

              I do agree with BNWS a ponytail is the neatest but yes it is a violation of hair regs in NYC if only... ponytails are so much easier. I had many trial and errors and found a tight high ponytail and then forming the hair into a bun works well - I saw other females in the NYPD do the same. It all depends on the hat you have and you can then work your bun into it without getting that mess BNWS mentioned. A suggestion- you can always ask in the department you're at. Good luck.
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                Ask the Academy you are planning to attend.


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