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    im just screwed ???
    I don't think you're as far out of the running as some who post here.

    You'll have an uphill battle, and a lot depends on how a given agency interprets your military history. For example, some interpret ANY courts martial conviction as a felony conviction which isn't technically correct.

    If a department interprets your violation of the MPO as a violation of a DV protection order you'll never ever work for that department. Ever. If they merely interpret it as a violation of a lawful order, same as any other violation of Article 90 and which _I_ think IS the technically correct interpretation, then you might be OK.

    Maximize all the other aspects of your application. Get some college under your belt with a good GPA. Work on your interviewing skills. Get some civilian work history with impeccable professional references. Improve your spelling, grammar and other written communication skills so that your application is PERFECT.

    Apply to less desirable agencies in less desirable areas. If you're willing to work LE in the oilfields of North Dakota for a few years, or some other BFE location nobody else wants, you'll have a better chance than LAPD or SDSO. After a few years working that successfully you'll have some history to help put your previous mistakes behind you and THEN maybe work the better locations and agencies.

    You'll have an uphill battle and no mistake but I don't think it's completely impossible. The good thing is that, if you follow my advice, it will ALSO help you land any OTHER job you apply for in another field.
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